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  1. I'm sorry, but I'm not sure that I understand thic correctly -- I got the darwin.iso from installing Fusion 3.0, I then uninstalled Fusion and installed tools from the ISO and rebooted. I then applied the patch from post #39, but still can't get the autofit to work. When you say "snowy-darwin", I start thinking about Donk's patched ISO that he uses to boot into SL without using PC EFI and with guest=darwin10-64, so am I messing something up? Also, I used your method with PC EFI specifically so that I don't have to used the extra ISO to boot from and because Donk said in his thread that the SVGA driver was a bit better if used with your patched darwin.iso instead of his. So, if there is really no way to get the USB mouse and kbd to work, then I'll just live with it being PS2. I just figured that deleting all the PS2 kexts would allow USB to work freely, but that didn't work and it seemed weird to me that it worked fine when I used "guest=darwin10-64". PS2 is really a minor annoyance, but I would really like to resolve the video driver issue.
  2. @Zenith432: Thanks for all your hard work, and the new kernel patch works like a charm -- no freezes in over 20 reboots. I used your tutorial to get SL on VMWare Workstation 7 using CHameleon and PCEFI 10.4, and I installed VMWAre tools from Fusion 3.0. I've gotten everything working pretty well, but I still can't get the Autofit Guest to work. The resolutiuon inside VMware stays at whatever I set it inside SL and never changes. Do you have any suggestions on what I can try to change that? Also, I used to have SL installed using Donk's darwin.iso file to boot it with guestOS="darwin10-64", and I was able to get my keyboard and mouse running with vusb.enable="TRUE", but with your method, only PS2 works (and I tried changing the Kexts with no success). Is there any way to get native VM USB to work instead of PS2? Thanks.
  3. It looks like it was an issue with the hacked darwin.iso from the template -- I used the one from your new version, and didn't even have to do anything else, all the flags in the Boot.plist started working immediately.
  4. I had the right file, just mistyped it in my post. I still can't get it working. It's just weird! I'll try your new template and see if it works better.
  5. So, I figured out that which resolutions can be enabled (using the ?video command at the boot prompt), and I'm using 1920x1080, which is great. But I still have to enter the graphics mode manually at boot. None of the flags in com.apple.boot.plist are being read -- I tried changing the timeout from 5 to 2, and it's still at 5 seconds. Any help would be much appreciated.
  6. Thanks for the great guide, Donk! I've got iAtkos 5i running in VMWare Workstation with virtually no problems, but I can't get the higher resolutions to work. It always defaults to 1024x768. Manually entering "Graphics Mode"="1600x1050x32" at boot does kind of work, but the max resolution I can get is 1400x900. Editing the com.apple.boot.plist does absolutely nothing, however. Infact, none of the flags in that file seem to do anything because I can completely delete that whole file, and the images boots up just fine. Any suggestions?