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    Vega Frontier Edition on High Sierra

    Just got my new computer setup yesterday. i7800K, Z390, Sapphire Vega64. Oddly enough my SSD from my Macbook Pro unmodified, except for Clover, is running better than the fresh install on my NVME, lol. Something odd about my Luxmark result. 29412, but it says the GPU is running at 945MHZ. Also, trying to get the GPU fan to not be at 100% all the time. I modified the AMD1000 kext as Okrasit pointed out on page 6. I modified the data line to match the settings below. Core: 1600MHz/1150mV, Memory: 1045MHz/1075mV, SOC: 1199MHz, Temp target: 70, Idle fan: 700rpm
  2. psedog

    Snow Leopard Bugs.

    Hmm, for some reason my post didn't post... I'm not sure if I fully understand you issue, but I think it is a setting issue for you. Go into your preferences pane and under General change the setting "When opening files:" to "Open all files in one window" This worked well for me. I've opened several files from several folders as well as selected multiple files at a time and it opened all of the pictures in one window. Hope this solves your issues. Personally I'm loving the Snow. I was ripping CD's yesterday before I upgraded, then I upgraded and continued to rip CD's and I swear it was faster after I installed Snow. After using Windows since 3.1 before upgrading to Leopard I'm friggin' ecstatic about the lack of issues that OSX gives me.
  3. You have a PM I just installed a 1505 BGN card, so my 3495 pcie is up for grabs.
  4. It's 2AM 01Jan09 JST. Where is the link It's still not on the dev-team website...
  5. I get this same exact error. I've been watching this thread for about a month. I realize that the 3945 is not going to be up and running for a while. I have tried a few of the .dmg's with no success, so I ebay'd a 2915 for less than $20 :censored2: