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  1. Hi, first off awesome work eugene2k! With your package I was able to get nearly everything working with 10.6.2 on my Packard Bell imax mini (ION board, Atom 230)... except for shut down and sleep. Rebooting works with no problems, but when I try to shut down my machine it actually seems like it would (monitor turns off, usb hdd turns power led off) but the power led will stay on and I can also hear the fan spinning. The only way to get it out of this state is to push the power button for several seconds. Nearly the same happens when I try to set it to sleep except that my usb hdd doesn't turn off its power led. Same thing I have to push the power button for several seconds to turn it off. But when turning it back on again I get the fan spinning at max for eternity and the only way to stop this is to detach the ac adapter. After re-attaching it will boot normally. I've tried lots of things (no USB devices attached, qoopz kernel, EvoReboot instead of OpenHaltRestart, VoodooPower, etc. etc.) but nothing helped. Maybe any of you guys could give me a hint what else I could look into or what could be the reason that I can't shut down or sleep? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Juergen
  2. Hi derko, which version of Empire EFI did you use? I couldn't get it to work with my Packard Bell imax mini which essentially is the same hardware as the Revo (used an external USB DVD-Drive and my SL DVD was loaded as unselectable HDD, changing SATA settings in BIOS to IDE didn't help also). I tried Version 1.07 ('cause for 1.08 it says that nForce support was removed) and also the first version which is supposed to have nForce support 1.04. Thanks for any help. Cheers, Juergen