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  1. Cider 1430

    How in **** did you get CS 1.6 to even start? Been trying with 1430 and a older one, but I can't it to not go into fullscreen and the crash. Please tell us how?
  2. Intel 855 video Driver on Leopard

    810i is the driver that extreme 2 runs on. It's included in the linux kernel. So the only way to get extreme 2 working is to run 10.4.1 and "warm boot" from another os? Or did "warm booting" work for newer drivers too?
  3. Just a Few MacBook Nano Images...

    Ok, but what's the pro with a really thin notebook? Who can't live with a 2 cm height laptop?
  4. Just a Few MacBook Nano Images...

    Why? Why not a Macbook budget model? Who needs a laptop that's really thin but still as long and as wide as a normal laptop?
  5. iBook and Open Firmware

    command option o f That gets me into OF - nothing else. the problem was that \\:tbxi refereed to an old OS 9 installation. Where is OS 9 boot-loader located and what's it name? Anyway, solved the problem with more ram and OS X.
  6. Admin: remove thread.
  7. I have an old iBook that can't boot. The problem is that is acedentaly selected a wrong system folder witch can't be used to load the system. So, how to I change system folder in Open Firmware? tnx
  8. Santa Claus: An Engineers Perspective

    A small correction: The fastest man-made Object was the Helios 2 solar probe which had a top speed of ~43,632685 mile/sec. Quite funny anyhow
  9. Are there some modified kernel to use, since you don't have a mac?
  10. hm, yes if you have something to trade for
  11. What about: Release: APPLE.MAC.OSX.LEOPARD.V10.5.ISO-OSX CDs: 1xDVD9 Date: 10/2007 that came to T-L 14:28 today, is it fake? anyone tested?
  12. Have anyone tested a USB to RS232 adapter? If it so, what brand? Edit: I found a driver for usb to serial adapters, but no of the adapters I can get ahold of here is listed: http://sourceforge.net/projects/osx-pl2303/ The ones I can chose between: Deltaco and Sweex. Has anyone tried one of these?
  13. NeedForSpeed CARBON on Intel Macs

    d3d9_24 to cider system32 dir or d3d9_32 to cider system32 dir, or both?
  14. [HowTo] Mobility X300; QE/CL w/ Widescreen

    I've tried 10.4.8 with all ATIRadeon* kexts from 10.4.6 and koverg-patch + callisto, but it's not working. Do I need some other files from 10.4.6? Edit: Worked with 10.4.5 files and DEVID in kext + callistio 003 alt.