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  1. I am in I figured out the user Thank you very much for your help.
  2. My Bios only allows me to disable the wireless adapter, which I did for install. Is there a way to disable my network card at start up?
  3. I have gotten it to install but its getting stuck at the "transfer old settings" window when I hit continue it loops back to Welcome . Any Ideas? Eddie thanks for this release
  4. Gateway MT3422 Notebook Specifications: AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Mobile Technology TK-53 1.7 GHz | 256 KB X2 L2 cache | HyperTransport™ 1024 MB DDR2 memory 667 MHz NVIDIA® GeForce® Go 6100 Up to 256 MB of Turbocache 160 GB PATA hard drive (5400 RPM) I am very new to this. I have tried a couple of releases and none have worked for me. With this one I was able to get it installed and load into what I guess was the post install setup, and it froze which corrupted the install. So I am trying to get it installed again but now it won't get back to that point its crashing before it can load. I have doing lots of reading but it's all new to me. Can anyone offer some advice? Which kernel should I use, should I use or not use third party drivers, and I have three partitions could that be causing a problem? Thanks a bunch, Xalu