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  1. Leopard Perfect Install

    Hi Guys, I'm a complete noob so bear with me. I just bought a cheap laptop (HP Evo NC4010) and wanted to know if it it'd be possible to have a working install of OSX on it before I go through the hassle. It's Pentium M (SSE2) and I haven't seen anyone that's successfully installed on this yet (correct me if I'm wrong) - I don't know enough to be the first. The specs are below. CPU: Intel Pentium M Processor 725 – 1.6GHz(3.2GHz), 2MB L2 cache Bus Speed: 400 MHz FSB Memory: 512Mb RAM HDD: 40GB 5400 rpm Graphics: ATI Radeon IGP 350M graphics controller with user selectable 32- or 64-MB DDR SDRAM4X AGP Sound: HP Premier Sound 16-bit sound Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thx.