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  1. what do you mean you used a realtek kext to create an emulated ethernet? Just install any realtekkext and it will think you have a realtek ethernet installed?
  2. USB 3.0 ports cause ML to freeze

    Tinker, I think I replied to your blog. I'm having the same exact problem.
  3. n00b Installation Problem

    sorry to hijack but i currently have the same problem current mobo is a XFX 650i
  4. Want to build one from scratch..!

    my experience with cases that come with power supplies has never been nice, they are usually poorly built. I suggest you get a case w/o a powersupply and buy a high quality one.
  5. iAtkos v2.0i wont boot

    I cant seem to find the error, can somone help me please? Specs: Mobo: XFX nForce 650i Video Card: 8800GTS 320MB CPU: C2D E6750 2.66 Ghz My HDD is SATA and my DVD drive is IDE
  6. iousbmassstorage has no kernel dependency

    has anyone had this problem?
  7. iousbmassstorage has no kernel dependency

    thankks for the replies, ive been searchign the forum, but I havent really managed to find anyone that knows of a fix. Does anyone know?
  8. iousbmassstorage has no kernel dependency

    could you explain that in a bit more lameman's terms? I don't quite understand. My current situation: I have a ubuntu livecd my windows so partition was mistakingly delete. So all I have is a mac of that fails to boot.
  9. iousbmassstorage has no kernel dependency

    just a quick update. The msg above was incorrect. Its: Extension "com.apple.iokit.IOUSBMassStorageClass" has no kernel dependency.
  10. Hey all, Ive been trying to install Mac OS X Tiger for a while now, I am using ubuntu and extracting the tiger-flat img file. When booting, the computer would show the apple logo with the spinning wheel, then after a while, it would show the little circle with a line across. I checked in safe mode, it says: "iousbmassstorage has no kernel dependency" then it just says waiting for root device I am using: Nvidia Geforce 8800GTS Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 XFX Nvidia 650i Mobo I think the problem might be related to NForce 4, are there any fixes? thanks!