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  1. Have you concidered maybe trying re intalling the operating system and changing the kernel. Im just throughing things out here
  2. I am currently trying to intsall OS X 10.4.11 on my Toshiba Satallite A60 laptop (ancient I know) using VMware ACE or 6.0. I should also mention i'm using the XxX OS X 86 10.4.11 rev.2 release. I talked to the maker of this release Blackchungo1 (sorry if i misspelled his name) he acutaly owned the same laptop that I did and was able to install it using VMware with few problems but unfortunatly I am not that lucky. I start Up the Vmachine and x86 boot screen and it says press any button to intsall mac OS X and it loads says a bunch of stuff on the screen and then gets hung up at waiting for root device. I am unsure as to what this means or how to deal with it any help would be much apreceiated. Thanks in advance -AK
  3. I would try looking for other drivers to intsall intstead of just the ones given to you i think that would solve the majority of the problems. Like Try bringing over by usb or internet what ever is working some new .kext's to see if those will work @ asnNetorks i know this sounds like a pain in the butt but you could always try just geting a new PCI ethernet card there so cheap now just order one off of newegg and make sure its compatable first
  4. Totaly throwing this out here (as in i have no idea what im talking about) but since we both used other drivers to get it working the first time why wouldn't it work again like shuffle through some other releases and see if you can find some other drivers
  5. Yes the 750i cards are compatable I actualy helped (not much) but a little with rohizzle 121 to get his working he used i belive it was a Kalaway 10.5.2 with all of the drivers from Leo4all
  6. Wow truly cudoes to you for getting this working. I was wondering if this will work of Nvidia chipsets and not just the intel ones?
  7. ok well waiting for root device simply means that your hard ware in't supported sorry but if its locked there u may want to try a different version. Some times u can get lucky by fliping switchis in the BIOS but some times u just dont
  8. Merge OSX "istros" Kalyway+Leo4all=Profit

    Hey hows the Kext and Driver hunting going any updates?
  9. Hey there every one I have a few questions. I have a very rare board (in the sense that not many people use it) an ASUS P5N-D 750i. I got the waiting for root device error but I got lucky in the bios and was abble to boot in. So I got almost every thing running except that the drivers just didn't want to work out for me so I tried Kalaway. The problem there was the other way around. The drivers worked like a dream but the damn thing didn't work verry well I.E. crashes every where. So I was wondering can I transfer drivers and Kexts from Kalaway to Leo 4 all and Vice versa?
  10. Merge OSX "istros" Kalyway+Leo4all=Profit

    Whats your name so i can add you?
  11. Merge OSX "istros" Kalyway+Leo4all=Profit

    Im on it. my name will be adamk890 I will set an account up right away.I dont have AOL so is MSN ok?
  12. Merge OSX "istros" Kalyway+Leo4all=Profit

    First of all whats an AIM? Secondly yes if you have drives that are already working then I dont think that you would have to integrate them. If kalaway is atlest booting then there might be programs out there that could splice the kext's and drivers.
  13. Merge OSX "istros" Kalyway+Leo4all=Profit

    I KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! I know what to do! If you still have the Iatkos and Kalaway and Leo4all ISO files start going through THEM and look for the drivers and kexts and anything else you need then remove them in Vista and then splice (integrate them into) them into the best working version of OSx86 I.E. Kalaway.
  14. Does any one know if this will work on an Asus P5N-D mother board instead of the P5N-e the chipset is different (750i) but the board is baisicly the same.
  15. Merge OSX "istros" Kalyway+Leo4all=Profit

    Also what do you mean by i know becuase of netowrk util in install]? If you can't get leo4all to boot then how do you know the DWA-522 and the Ethernet work and the graphics card and sound don't? Have you tried Kalaway 10.5.2 yet? Have a look at this guide it isn't the same board but i know you have an IDE drive so have a look at it. (the mother board is similar) http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=83092. I know im probably shooting blanks here but I wana see if i can get lucky hit.