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  1. I changed the layout id and it seems to work. Could you help me with another DSDT? Graphics still have some problems and sleep won't work.
  2. hey, could you at least help me with getting audio working? edit: Passing the boot argument alcid=1 worked for this although the sound drops on its own randomly
  3. When I use the DSDT I get prohibited sign again - can't boot. I have to use SMBIOS iMac14,2 for graphics acceleration to work and boot successfully EDIT:Could you help me @MaLd0n ? Thank you
  4. Hey mald0n thanks for your effort but when I tried your DSDT with Clover I saw on logs many ACPI errors and couldn't boot with it successfully. I sent you my new EFI folder to check it out (your DSDT + removed some kexts that were not used) Thanks again CLOVER.zip
  5. Hi Mald0n thanks for your help I installed Mojave successfully I have many graphics glitches though also no audio etc I sent you the RunMe app output Could you help building EFI folder and DSDT for my CPU? Thanks in advance ps. I will also donate a small amount for your help Thanks man! Archive.zip
  6. hey @MaLd0n , you have helped me again so thanks for helping so many people ! you are great! im trying to boot mojave on my pc i7 7700k asrock z270 itx / ac no discrete GPU could you build a clover folder for me? I tried the one on your first post but i get the prohibited sign Thank you for everything
  7. i just thought it could be DSDT related that's why i asked thanks for your time MaLd0n once again! i delete my other messages above since they are unrelated after all EDIT: it was iMessage related to handoff after all fixed the iMessage problem, and boom!handoff ready to go
  8. yep HDMI audio works!!!! you are a god or what? can't describe how thankful i am i ordered a second board so i can make it os x server maybe? thanks a TON for your help! should i post new IOREG?
  9. https://browser.geekbench.com/v4/cpu/2690952it gave me this page http://www.mediafire.com/file/am16p8dk3wycb2h/Jim%E2%80%99s_iMac.zip had again to upload it on media fire coz of file size sorry :/
  10. JimInside

    Intel Wifi AC Last generation

    You need devs or testers?
  11. the agdpfix fixed the issue thanks ! also installed the power app and posted the screen shot. how does it seem to you? Untitled.tiff
  12. replaced, booted with DSDT normally black screen no signal and then removed the HDMI cable and put it back and everything seems to be working!what should I check?so far sound I only checked sound and it is OK