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  1. Hi guys. Just installed M.L on my Dell L501X and it works flawlessly! I'm using my laptop as a desktop replacement, and usually, I'd keep the LCD screen on my laptop off since its always hooked up to a main display. However, I can't seem to do so in OSX. Shutting the lid doesn't turn off that display. Any idea how I can disable the display by "simulating" the lid to be shut? Thanks!
  2. Stuck at Apple logo

    Hey guys. I have patched the retail leopard dmg with brazilmacs patch and got it to boot on my pc. However, after waiting for half and hour, I'm still stuck at the spinning wheel with the apple logo. Running it with the -v command indicates that the proces stops when it reaches BSD: Disk1s3 minor xx major xx Or something like that. I will update that line later when I attempt the installation again. PC Specs: Dell 8400 P4 3.2 GHz WD 160gb 2GB Ram Nvidia 6800
  3. ***BEST 10.4.5 INTALLATION GUIDE***

    You do not need an account. Try to get the torrent off mininova.
  4. Graphics and Modem Trouble

    Anyone knows if a nvidia 6800 PCI express working not in VESA mode?
  5. Can i know how to do it myself? Aparrently using that image does not work for me either.
  6. Retail Copy of OSX 10.4.3 on x86

    Hmm.. Isn't PearPC for Emulating the Operating system? What I want is to have OSX running on a x86 platform without any emulation. Is that possible with a retail version?
  7. Yo homies!! I'm a noob, so forgive me, but i did a search and came up with nothing. Well, it is like this. I got a copy of mac OSX 10.4.3 retail. I noob like me is so dumb i downloaded the wrong version... Well, just want to know if you guys have any way to allow me to install this on my PC? I'm hoping to dual boot this thing. Thanks guys, you rock!!