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  1. i've had some success on yosemite on clover but not el capitan
  2. is there anyone in the forum that can help me get proper powermangement
  3. El Capitan: Realtek ALC AppleHDA Audio

    i need this kext for el capitan
  4. i have evga sr2 thread if you would like to contribute your files to my thread so we can have them in one location here is the link http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/309734-evga-sr2-motherboard-dsdtaml-i-need-help-creating-custom-dsdt-for-my-board/ and thanks a lot this was helpful
  5. can you upload your clover boot loader files please so i can add them to the thread
  6. for sounds you need dsdt and patched kext file i didn't use a guide lol my guide is in my head
  7. I'm going to try clover with your instructions but I'm using chameleon at the moment im also going to try loading my current dsdt file
  8. yes you need to use pci card comptiable card which is supported by the os
  9. right now I'm using old 9600 gt card which is supported by el captain so unfortuntly i can't test
  10. can someone help me edit my dsdt.aml file for proper power management A50.zip
  11. Mufasa (Dual 6-Core Xeon Hackintosh)

    do you guys know if wifi cards are working on evga sr2 motherboard
  12. i have evga sr2 motherboard and wifi card it won't detect networks ...... wifi card is Atheros AR5BXB112 Mini PCIe 168c-0030 AR9380 i will upload my dsdt.aml this wireless card was working in my old p5wdh system and i suspect something with motherboard for some reason wifi is working now lol i don't know what did it but its working another update wifi only works after sleep i don't know why ? can anyone tell me why wifi only works from waking up from sleep DSDT.aml.zip
  13. great news i used the above method suggested by jl4c and i used the windows method and i think I'm getting native power management I'm booting with out nullpowermangement kext and no kernel panics can someone help me edit my original dsdt file to get on board sound working and I'm trying to avoid voodoo kext orginal-DSDT.aml.zip