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  1. Greetings! The system I'm working with is listed in my sig. After spending about 2 days futzing around with the iAtkos package (tried R1, and the updated "R3") with absolutely zero luck even getting it to install, I stumbled upon the Zephyroth AMD V2 package. Installed straight on in the first get go, no crashes....booted right into OSX without complaint. Four issues encountered so far: 1. Network - No support for the Marvell Yukon 8053 port, extremely slow performance on the nForce port. Hunting around here I found replacement kexts that enabled the Yukon port, which is running extremely fast, so I call this one fixed. 2. USB devices - wouldn't recognize my USB key, or my Apple Wired Keyboard. Tried the updated IOUSBFamily.kext....did nothing. Disabled legacy USB support in BIOS, and alles ist gut. Well, except for having to reenable it if I want to flex boot options, but small price to pay. 3. Audio - onboard audio "seems" to be installed, but I get nothing coming from any of the ports. I'm guessing I need to find the right drivers for my specific chip instead of just the AC97 drivers. Gonna work this one a bit more, but I expect to solve the problem shortly. 4. About This Mac - the stupid one....it doesn't list my processor as an AMD Opteron, or anything like that in the main page...just 2.2GHz unknown. It correctly identifies it in the More Info section, so chalk this one to just my own insanity. I was about to give up on the hackintosh thing for a while, but thanks to everyone involved for making this package...and thanks to everyone on these forums for their pioneering work!