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  1. It should be in your home dir/Library/Preferences. Maybe what you can do is start Mainstage. But DONT select a template, just quit. Maybe mainstage will create a preference file then. If not, I will send you mine.
  2. I use it to playback our clicktrack and backtrack. Both on each audio output and it works great. Didn't try the rest... Here is a video of someone:
  3. Got QE working! Somehow I did not install or removed AppleIntelGMA950GA.plugin, AppleIntelGMA950GLDriver.bundle, AppleIntelGMA950VA.bundle Reinstalled them, and we're up and running!
  4. Hi all, I managed to install 10.5.7 on my Acer A150. I installed MainStage by editing the LogicStudio.dist in the install package. MainStage 2 starts up, gives an audio driver error, but I can click continue. Then I get into the template chooser. When I select one and press continue, MainStage "unexpectedly quits". Please help! UPDATE: Mainstage is working!!! When MainStage started up it gave me a "Selected Driver not found" error. So I looked into the MainStage preference file (with PlistEditPro) and compared it to the one on my iMac. On my iMac it has an entry: OutputAudioDriveName <string> FireOne (0007) So I changed the plist on my Acer One to have that entry as well, as it was not there. On the Acer I have a Numark, so I put the name of the device in there (Numark USB Audio Device). And voila! It is working now, woohoo!!!
  5. Hi, I did al this, and the resolution is OK, but Quartz Extreme is "not supported" according to the System Profiler. I think that is why MainStage is crashing on me after I select a template to start from. How can I enable it?