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  1. Google Mojave patch tool
  2. same guide works with two modifications. 1. change the word "Sierra" to "Mojave", 2. when format the hard disk, format it to apfs. everything else is the same to me.
  3. I am running 10.13.3 now on my SP1 with dual boot and FileVault tuned on. the rough steps are as below: 1. in windows, shrink the partition of windows, and create a new partition about 40 G. 2. follow the instruction of this thread to install Mac OS in the new partition. 3. In windows, use EasyUEFI to specify a boot device so that Mac OS can be boot from windows with Shift + Restart 4. if want to upgrade to High Sierra, remember to disable APFS by edit minstallconfig.xml
  4. anybody knows how to make location works like in maps? Thanks !
  5. xflier

    FileVault 2

    following instruction to compile the codes is ok for me, but modifying code might be beyond my capability. if you could modify the code, and I can do tests, I guess. Anyway, really appreciate your reply on my help request. Thanks again!
  6. xflier

    FileVault 2

    Here is the pre-boot log I collected, I could see it was loaded. preboot.log.zip
  7. xflier

    FileVault 2

    Thanks a lot for the file. Unfortunately, this one doesn't work neither. I am trying to compile the original one (from clover) with PCD flags turned to TRUE.
  8. xflier

    FileVault 2

    Thanks a lot for your input, I am trying to compile it again by follow the first post (CupertinoModulePkg's).
  9. xflier

    FileVault 2

    Yes, I tried UsbKbDxe too. I used Build_Command to compile the UsbKbDxe, and tried that one, result is the same. Not sure if I did anything wrong or not in the compilation. if anybody has any tested UsbKbDxe, and provide a copy, it would be really helpful. Thanks in advance!
  10. xflier

    FileVault 2

    Hi, I have both Surface Pro 1 and 2, and succeeded on FV2 with Pro 1, but not Pro 2 with the same Drivers ( AsAmiShim.efi ). In Pro 2, trackpad worked pretty well, but keyboard didn't, so, can't enter the password at all. Both have the same Mac OS version (Sierra 10.12.3), and clover version (latest one). Appreciate if anybody could shed some lights on it. Thanks,
  11. Nice Tutorial, I successfully installed Mac OS in my SP1. One step is critical that we need to change the language, by default, it is "It" or 'en". A small issue, keyboard needs to disconnected and connected back for every reboot. Appreciate any help here. Thanks a lot!