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  1. Inside the 24 inch iMac

    Thank you all for your kind words. I have just finished testing the SSD in this iMac and with a custom bracket, it works great. Much faster. It was super fast on boot up and apps launch very quick.
  2. Inside the 24 inch iMac

    Thanks for all your support and great insight into this iMac model. It's been fun.
  3. Inside the 24 inch iMac

    It will not work for one reason, the pinouts on the CPUs are not the same. Also the bus speeds are not the same if I'm not mistaken. The iMac has a socket 479. The quads socket it different. It would be great if they had mad the processor for these that were quads. The iMacs use laptop processors and there were no 479 processors for laptops at this time. It's a bit hard to find a non high end laptop now with a quad in it. Sorry.... Forgive my fat finger typing.
  4. Inside the 24 inch iMac

    Card has sold. Thanks for all the help.
  5. I have been testing on two aluminum iMacs. One is an upgrade the other a clean install. Both have noticeably faster responses in all programs I've tested. The internet browsing is phenomenal. I think we may be pleased to actually get an operating system that is tweaked for current hardware. I'm a fan so far....
  6. Inside the 24 inch iMac

    To anyone who needs one. I have an extra Nvidia 7600gt 256mb imac video upgrade card with heatsink. I was going to upgrade a client and he opted for the total imac upgrade after I purchased the card and held it for over a month. It is new and has been tested to make sure it works properly. If you read the links above you will see where I purchased it and how much it costs. IM me if you are interested in a decent discount.
  7. Does anyone have a part number for this graphics card for the iMac?
  8. Inside the 24 inch iMac

    It's part of the logic board. Try cleaning it and make sure the wire connectors inside the RJ45 port are clean and in line. If it is bad you can get a USB2.0 ethernet adapter if you don't need the gigabit speed and want to be hard wired.
  9. IMAC

    You have to verify that the logic board you have is the same revision as the 600's. They have different voltages and power needs. Just so you don't blow the working board.
  10. Inside the 24 inch iMac

    I just purchased an apple 7600GT 256 meg card and installed it without issue. They are available at mac-resource.com for around $235 after shipping which was overnight. Great people as well. Hope this helps.
  11. I have been running both the old 24 inch iMac and the new 24 Alum. iMac with vista 64 with no issues. The new boot camp drivers work flawless on install, everything works as it should.
  12. Inside the 24 inch iMac

    What you see in the photo is how it looks with the face off. There is no tape or foil like the 20 inch versions. Very easy to work on.
  13. Inside the 24 inch iMac

    It is much less intensive than the old 24 imac. I used a suction cup from shaving mirror to remove the glass. It's held in by magnets that attach to metal pegs. It's a snap.
  14. Fixed by burning new leopard disc and reinstalling bootcamp drivers.
  15. Inside the 24 inch iMac

    I just got the new 24 inch with the core 2 extreme. It runs circles around my previous 24. I'll be posting pics later.