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  1. hehehe, i have got 2 of them to sell, who wants one ? ...just joking no idea why people buy those, iPhone is a piece of {censored}, no 3G no HD card slot, no hsdpa nor hsupa, crappy camera in SEw800i is much better, no software, no gps module. and quite havy. i wouldn't buy it for even 200$ maybe for 100$ as a toy for my child (if I would have children of course) not worth the price, as well as plastic macbooks the only laptops apple have made wit really good quality are: PowerBook G3 Pismo, and PowerBook G4 12" and that's all. i own te first one and two of the 12" g4, i have got the macbook pro 2.2 as well but the quality corresponding to the g4 12" is very very poor. iPhone is a misunderstanding of the multimedial pda phone. i have had one 8gb for a momment and i will not buy another i'll stick with Sony Ericsson P.S. a friend of mine works for ATMEL in Edinburg, Scotland. that company as he said is designing a new lcd display for iPhone, as fast as i will get some info about that i will post in a newsroom
  2. Hi. I'm Jason.

    Me no one, me no speak english, me no better than U, me love U, U look nice .... Joking, I'm 1980, dev/network designer (job/hobby), National Geographic photoreporter (hobby), I own a small company (http://datasec.biz/), studying Economical science on Westpomeranian univercity, xhacks cince deadmoo or a bit before (we tried on univercity run on some AMD cores in early 2004 but no luck only bootscreens) Right now helping friends to get the hakintosh, dealing with world; tax revenues; univercity; my second half and tryeing not to insane Cheers mates
  3. Intel 915 Observation

    ok, but, why it starts right afther cold boot ? as i said, i can start easy when i delate the kextcache and mkext, so if it enables the build in LCD , we can do that too. and it is not the hardware problem but software. and another thing, i can start with build in LCD without doing nothing just putting jas dvd into drive and letting boot the system (3/8 tryes works fine) so ? where is the problem, for sure it is not the bios or something. and why delating mkext and kextcache enables LCD and what's going on while rebuilding those 2 files that enables LCD? and how make that proces (the one ewhile rebuilding those 2 files) to work for us wihout delating them ? maby the simplest in the momment solution is a script wchich will delate the files everytime the system starts or closes, and in meantime we will figure out whats going on ? and anybody alse has got the same results ? i have found a few people writting that they can enable LCD by delating those files. so i'm not the only one let's follow that patch and maby we will solv the problem ? any ideas ?
  4. Intel 915 Observation

    Right in the momment i have got HP Pavilon 4000 with i915 the problem with blue screen is strange, it booted normaly with build in LCD without any dongles or shorts wires, pins or anything alse, afther using XP. but i have used -f switch (it probably has nothing to do with that) and next time i booted there was blue screen, next time afther rebooting from XP i could use the build in display. Question WHY? and how make it working every time ? Jas 10.4.8 AMD/Intel SSE2/3 no additional software or kexts Edited: 1. Delating the /System/Library/Extensions.kextcache and /System/Library/Extensions.mkext makes the lappy booting and working with build in display. without any dongle/shorts/external displays 2. Ones in the beggening the display has worked fine and in the system profiler i have seen 2 displays! why? there was no other display connected, no shorts no pins no dongle. worked well till i have turned on mirror mode on displays, the display get blue, and the second one too, cince that moment i cant see 2 dispalys even afther reboot and LCD works when i delate the files as written in point 1. in my opinion we can solve the problem in a software way ones for ever.
  5. LaptopDisplay

    Ok guys, The Question Is: HOW PEOPLE WITH GMA900 (i915) can start their laptops without external display? i have started HP PAvilon 4000 on my friends lappy on build in LCD but next time it started with bluescreen :/ i have got Macbook Pro C2D for my own use but his lappy has got a problem. right now i cant find solution here. so maby we will do some HOWTO ? short one, from beggening to last fix in kexts for dummy people like me
  6. I'm loocking for a solution how to start ident services for tiger and leopard, to proper authorization of users on IRC servers and ssh sessions. any Idea ?
  7. i'll post full package for this laptop as soon as i'll start compiling the drivers, now fighting with cardreader and irda
  8. Apple Remote

    not so easy, only info from win is: NSC6001 National Semiconductor no dev ID no other info :/ no idea how to put the new values into the kext
  9. boot in -v -f -s cpus=1 to get the safe mode or with cpus=1 for proper installer
  10. 10.4.8 JaS problems

    almoast everything works , only the gigabit os loosing the ip adress every 15 mins. webcam will work with external driver, sound works (in out dig analog headphones and speakers) both displays works (external and internal) PC Card slot works fine, now fighting with 5in1 card reader and acpi support than and i will be happy man. i'm very pised of because while working on battery the lappy will shutdown in the moment when the voltage is low, no message, no info, just *puff* grrrrr , i'll post all kext and drivers as soon as they will be stable so maby at the end of the week Edited: i just turned on the optical fiberchannel out it burns in red
  11. use the ones i'm giving you here, will work with 8.8.1 for sure cheers 8.8.1_kexts_for_PCCard_N3T.zip

    Camera: Version: 1.00 Bus Power (mA): 500 Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec Manufacturer: OEM Product ID: 0x0892 Vendor ID: 0x046d in usb/camera, in system profiler, shows up so should work with some applications
  13. {censored}:/Users/admin root# dmesg | grep PC IOPCCard info: Intel PCIC probe: TI xx12 rev 00 works very fine thx
  14. Introduce Yourself

    Name: NET Sex: Male (hetero) Born: yes ( in 1980), Job: cince '00 technological security department cheef, I own a small company called DataSec cince '93 usning *nix. OS X cince: i'm in love with osx's # cince my old friend in Edinbourgh shown me that osx has got BSD # (long before this forum:) ) Living: right now Poland/Germany, Education: in add. to my informatic. edu. studying economy on Westpomeranian School Of Business, Interests: photography, web/graphics design, travelling, good music for example Tool, interesting paintings... and a lot more... right now working uder improoving my english writing skills (they are poor)