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    iPC leaking Chameleon or PCIEFI Into BIOS?

    Hi alvin777, It seems you have the wrong impression of how the BIOS works. No operating system, whether it is Windows or OSX (or any other) will touch the BIOS. Look at the BIOS as being a permanent READ ONLY chip. I know you can reflash the BIOS but we can ignore that for the moment. Your clock can be changed by any operating system, there is a bit of storage used for configuration, this includes the RTC (Real Time Clock). What you said didnt make much sense. Can you give a clearer explanation on what exactly is going wrong for you? I see you said OSX was changing the time. This is normal, if OSX is changing your time to something incorrect, check the settings in OSX to make sure time zone settings including day light saving are correct. Providing your settings are correct, it will set the time correctly (all operating systems do this in a similar way, by changing your systems RTC settings). It also appears to me like you are having bootloader problems. I have found OSX likes to change the active partition (the partition the system will boot from). It is worth having a Windows 9x bootdisk handy to change the active partition.
  2. KeepGood

    Boot error.

    I had the same boot errors as yourself many times during the installation of OSX. I found that OSX likes to change the active partition alot. I used a windows 98 CD to boot and used the DOS fdisk to set my OSX partition as active. After that, everything went well.
  3. KeepGood

    Can anyone help with this error?

    Hi, Thanks for the suggestion. Although seatbelt.kext was on the system I've reinstalled in anyways. The same error message is still appearing. The system does mount dmg's (after you mentioned the seatbelt.kext, I looked it up and found out about dmg mounting issues concerning seatbelt.kext). I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to OSX so I'm not sure where logs etc are on the system. Is there anywhere I can look on the system that will give me a bit more information on what ius causing the error? Thanks
  4. Hi peeps, I've managed to get iDeneb 1.3 up and running on my PC. Everything appears to be running great except from that I'm getting an error when trying to install Photoshop and MS Office. The error is ... Application Launch Failure The application "Office Setup Assistant" could not be launched because of a shared library error: "Office Setup Assistant> <Office Setup Assistant> <CarbonLib< >" Does anyone know what this is about? Thanks in advance KG