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  1. rackham

    Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    just to add my findings.... i had a working set up iMessage FaceTime iCloud etc...stopped working after a few months for unknown reasons after i upgraded to Yosemite (same serial smbios etc... ). Yesterday when i read the news about 2 step auth on iMessage and FaceTime...i immediately thinked it might fix my imeesage/facetime logging problems...it did not...probably the back bone was not set up in my country...but as of this morning FEB 15th i can logging using 2step auth and all is well in the iCloud world of my mackintosh....seems there hardware check is lowered and they now rely on 2 step for added security instead of hardware check....thank you Apple
  2. rackham

    Clover General discussion

    thanks for your help but this does not seems to be a real smbios extracted from an imac13,2 probably built from info gathered around the web and in AGPM unless you tell me that its the real deal i won't risk it
  3. rackham

    Clover General discussion

    Would you mind sharing your imac13,1 smbios i just upgraded my hack to ivy and it would be very handy thank you