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  1. Thx for your reply. The intention of my question was a bit different. I wanted to have a bit a feedback on OSX running on the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2. Because I'm thinking about buying one of these devices, probably the Surface Pro 2, just because I can have OSX running on it. As far as I understood it now, the support on the Surface Pro 2 is limited, so I may have to invest some time to get everything running. Even doing some development.
  2. Thx, for that clarification. What exactly needs to be fixed? The hardware is significant better then on the old one. For having OSX running the 4gb of the old one are sufficient, but if you want to use heavy duty software like Stata or R then 8gb are recommended. I also think that the second position of the kick-stand is a major improvement.
  3. Is anyone willing to do a review on the Surface Pro 2 and OSX? Or just briefly comment on the pro and cons of buying an Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2. Because I would like to go for a Surface Pro 2 and OSX.
  4. So, under osx you can use the stylus with your hands lying on the surface and a note or so? Do you have a special software keyboard?
  5. Thx, that sounds like a decent performance. What's about unintended touches? My idea is, because I have to travel a lot and usually only have my Macbook Pro with me, that I can use it to have a high-performance tablet with OSX on the go.
  6. Ok, beyond the technical issues with wifi, what is the battery life on OSX?
  7. Hi, has there been made any progress in getting wifi running on the Surface 2? Because I would love to buy such a machine to have OSX running on it. Thx.
  8. ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    Hi, I've an 10.7 Server VM running on an ESXi 5. I want to update it now. What will be the procedure to have everything running at the end? So, the fakesmc and lsi stuff is not hurt. I have already extracted the 64bit efi from Fusion. Thx. Bye