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  1. Hello all! Quite a noob with the Hackintosh stuff. I recently set up a vanilla install of 10.15.1 on a pc with: Gigabyte z370m sd3h i3-8350K I am currently using the i3 's iGPU (Intel UHD 630) and DRM content does not play (Netflix, Prime Video, AppleTV+ or iTunes Movies) and I am looking to upgrade with a GFX Card that works with DRM content. Do you have any experience on a GFX Card that plays well DRM Content? Thank you in advance.
  2. WizeMan

    GFX that Supports DRM?

    What is your configuration? BTW I do have Lilu & WEG on my Configuration. I do have hardware acceleration but no DRM.
  3. WizeMan

    Asus P5K Premium Wifi Black Pearl !ONLY!

    Eyxaristw so much for the info, my P5K Premium Runs 10.6.4 now ... Sleep / Wake is working, the only issue is wifi and one of the ethernets, probably because I 'm running in 64bit Kernel Mode ???
  4. I am reviving this topic I have followed Grendel 's guide, but didn't get sound to work I have an ASUS P5KPL-VM 10.6 DVD -> usb stick Then Chameleon RC4 and I copied the Extra folder into the root of my osx HD everything works like a charm, except sound... what am i doing wrong ?
  5. Hey, sorry for diggin' out this topic. I have the same lappy, i am installing now 10.4.6 from a DVD, but... trackpad is not working, i needed to plug in a usb mouse. Does anybody knows a way to make it work?