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  1. Hi and thank you! do you mean I should use everything from the zip and just update WEG?
  2. I do have the latest whatevergreen :\
  3. Hi dear forumers, I recently made my Hackintosh with Mac OS Catalina 10.15.1 (SMBIOS iMacPro1,1)Mobo: Gigabyte z370m ds3h (F10 Bios)CPU: Intel i3-8350KEverything was working great using the iGPU (Only had to fix HDMI connection type in Device Properties to get rid of purple screen)Today I bought an RX 580 Pulse by Sapphire which is supposed to work OOB. But not for me, it seems.I installed it, selected the PCIe Slot as Graphics Card on BIOS, connected the display to the HDMI port of the RX 580 and rebooted.Clover bootloader shows up, then the classic loading console logs, but then the monitor flashes white and the screen then becomes black.I disabled CSM from BIOS -> No resultI changed ig-platform-id to headless mode (0300923E) -> No resultI tried different HDMI ports on the GFX Card and also DisplayPort -> No resultI tried changing the SMBIOS to iMac18,3 -> No resultI tried disabling the iGPU from BIOS -> No resultI am starting to think that there is something wrong with my Motherboard, but I have seen Successful builds with the same motherboard and Graphics Cards.You can find my EFI folder attatched (I removed the firmware scap file in order to be within size limits). I will appreciate any help as I am this close to pulling my remaining hair off Archive.zip
  4. WizeMan

    GFX that Supports DRM?

    What is your configuration? BTW I do have Lilu & WEG on my Configuration. I do have hardware acceleration but no DRM.
  5. Hello all! Quite a noob with the Hackintosh stuff. I recently set up a vanilla install of 10.15.1 on a pc with: Gigabyte z370m sd3h i3-8350K I am currently using the i3 's iGPU (Intel UHD 630) and DRM content does not play (Netflix, Prime Video, AppleTV+ or iTunes Movies) and I am looking to upgrade with a GFX Card that works with DRM content. Do you have any experience on a GFX Card that plays well DRM Content? Thank you in advance.
  6. WizeMan

    Asus P5K Premium Wifi Black Pearl !ONLY!

    Eyxaristw so much for the info, my P5K Premium Runs 10.6.4 now ... Sleep / Wake is working, the only issue is wifi and one of the ethernets, probably because I 'm running in 64bit Kernel Mode ???
  7. I am reviving this topic I have followed Grendel 's guide, but didn't get sound to work I have an ASUS P5KPL-VM 10.6 DVD -> usb stick Then Chameleon RC4 and I copied the Extra folder into the root of my osx HD everything works like a charm, except sound... what am i doing wrong ?
  8. Hey, sorry for diggin' out this topic. I have the same lappy, i am installing now 10.4.6 from a DVD, but... trackpad is not working, i needed to plug in a usb mouse. Does anybody knows a way to make it work?