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  1. @Stixx1001 You can copy and paste In terminal the follwing: bash <(curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Benjamin-Dobell/nvidia-update/master/nvidia-update.sh) 387. The script will install and patch it for you..!
  2. mald0n, i really want to thank you..!!!! Everything is working absolutely perfect..!!! The system boots fast and smooth! Sound is working onboard and hdmi. The system running smooth and no glitches or other strangeness.. Well done man..!!!! BIG THANKS !!!!!!!!
  3. Wait... wait... wait... mald0n, Sound is working..!!!!!! It just took more than maybe 15 minutes suddenly sound working.. I also restarted 2 times.. Now sound (onboard works..) it only takes some minutes before it get recognised... Again, big big thanks for your time and all your help. Edit.. did not see your last post.. Should i use the codeccommander? No, it´s not needed.. right? (Because sound works now..) EDIT......!!!!!! Anyway.. mald0n, i really want to thank you..!!!! Everything is working absolotly perfect..!!! The system boots fast and smooth! Sound is workin onboard and hdmi. The system running smooth and no glitches or other strangenes.. Well done man..!!!! BIG THANKS !!!!!!!!
  4. No sound.. I also checked config in midi settings.. In bios also everything correct.. i checked it twice.. Here the codec: Realtek ALC1150 @ Intel Sunrise Point PCH - High Definition Audio Controller Before i switched from latest 10.13.3 to the current beta 10.13.4 my onboard sound worked with applealc.. Therefor i also switched to the voodvoo.. Hmm very strange.. EDIT: Strange.. when i use the normal voodoo than voodoo recognizing the onboard sound (i understand the changes you made to the voodoo.. want just check) but i don´t understand why voodoo is recognizing the onboard but applealc not..?
  5. big thanks, Yes, i use your folder.. OK? Is it ok to use the sensors? i just checked the sound (midi settings..). HDMI is working well but integrated sound not working. Means, onboard sound is dead... EDIT 2: mald0n, forgive me my stupidity, i forgot to remove a folder while replacing clover.. I corrected it. Boot went very fast and smooth (will be interesting what happens when i try a restart..) But as mentioned above hdmi perfect , onboard sound still dead. I attached also to this post a new ioreg to make sure..!!!!!!! EDIT 3: In a moment i will send you also the RunMe results..!!
  6. Wow.. Big Thanks mald0n ! The boot went very fast, while booting i could read something like: "some slide values does not recognized.. Not sure if it was the exact text.. beside that everything just perfect) I attached the new ioreg in a zip-file.. Edit.. btw.. i still have my dsdt in clover (hope it is ok... or was i supposed to remove it?)
  7. @mald0n Hi mald0n, maybe if you have little time over i would like to ask you for some help/advice. My system is running smooth and fine with the settings i chosen, but in system-log i have some acpi-errors and it seems to me that my created dsdt maybe is not really fully correct.. With latest version i`m using 10.13.4 Beta (17E139j) i lost hdmi-sound and i´m now using voodoo for it which working very well. Also i decided to switch to latest iMacPro1,1 and i could remove all the lilu and shiki stuff and also some other kexts. As i said, the system is running very smooth i just want to make sure that it´s ok with my dsdt and my clover config, patches and the overall setup. Btw..: I'm using both igpu (primary on bios with recommended settings) & gpu because i need both for my work (just mention it..) Would be very thankful if you could take a look at my system (attached files) Big thanks in advance
  8. SV0911

    iMacPro SMBIOS and new horizens

    Great to read.. Now, just for the fun-part.. Off-Topic.. I hope it is ok .. If you (or anyone else..) like to have the iMacPro1,1 in your systemsettings.app like below, i attached a zip-file to this post with the tiff file to replace in the app. Now.. back to Topic Greetings SystemLogo.zip
  9. SV0911

    iMacPro SMBIOS and new horizens

    I´m using it with the latest beta.. I only used clover smbios to change to the iMac Pro 1.1 The board-id is in the plattformsupport.plist .. I did not modify it.. The system works smooth for me.. Greetings
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    Big thanks again fabiosun, and i like to confirm that it´s working on my rig (with the above choosen one..) Also Big thanks to @vit9696 !!!
  11. SV0911


    @fabiosun could you maybe tell me which one of the releases (GCC5, GCC49, VS2015x86, XCODE5) i have to choose for my rig (see my sig..) to test it? Big thanks in advance!!!!
  12. Huge jump in Metal Scores. @d5aqoep sorry for a Off-Topic Question.. but may i ask you why you are using IMac 18.3 and not 17.1 ? Is it because performance better on 18.3 Or? (I thought for i7 6700K the iMac 17.1 would be better choice?)
  13. Hi, im using my gpu geforce gtx 980 ti together with my igpu intel hd 530 for videos/processing a.s.o.. Usually in most forums it´s recommended to use the igpu as primary boot device. I like to use my geforce as primary boot device (PEG) because i get realy much better results.. (also in iStats Menus the gpu memory shows only when in bios PEG is set..) Problem is,.. when i set bios to use PEG i can work with my geforce and the igpu very well but after a couple, when i manually restarted the computer maybe 5 or 6 times (or after i installed any kind of new app or cleaning the cache) suddenly the igpu crashes when i try to use it with any kind of videotools.. If it is impossible on my system to set it in bios to use PEG (geforce as primary) why does it not crash already the first time/immediately when i try to use it with video processing?? Why does it work a couple of times before it crashes ? I already tried many different solutions in clover (patches.. injecting intel a.s.o) and also in bios (vram).. It´s always the same result. Would it be helpful to use a special configured dsdt or ssdt? Basically my goal is to get my system work with my geforce gtx 980 ti as primary device (PEG) because i get much better results on my system with this kind of configuration.. I only have sierra on my system,.. no windows... and this issue is happening on all sierra versions i used in the past. Big thanks for any hints or clues.. Gr. sv My specs: Mainboard: MSI Z170A-G45 Gaming (MS-7977), Chipset - Intel® Z170 Express Processor: 1151 - QuadCore Intel Core i7-6700K CPU: Oc: 4400 MHz , 32 GB Oc: 2800 MHz DDR4 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti (6 GB) iGPU: intel HD530 Bootloader: Clover macOS Sierra 10.12.6 Beta (16G8c)