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  1. Fluid help

    Ok, so I want to use this 'fluid' app. When i seen how to set it up, it looks fairly simple. I enter 'digg.com' or 'http://www.digg.com' - set the name as Digg - use the sites favicon. Then get a 'Operation could not be completed. Operation not permitted' box. Help, am I going wrong?
  2. Link? Do you have the finder icon? Love it!
  3. Ok, so I got an iPod touch for chrismas, in January I bought the update for it, the 12 quid one. I recently had to take it back to get it replaced cos of a lot of dead pixels. So they gave me a new one with the software update built in. If I format this new ipod, will the Update go? Thanks, Joe.
  4. Steve Jobs has an ePenis?

    The fact that your thinking of Steve Jobs {censored} is rather worriying. But... Even Basketball Pointy guy thinks this thread fails.
  5. Shnap, how did you get that Mod for Coversutra? I would liek ty. If anyone knows it, link please. Thankzorz.
  6. Ok, So I wanna sign up to get the SDK for iphone, but I dont have a buisness or company.. what do I put in that field? Thanks, JBMac.
  7. Xbox Live Cam

    Oh, I totally respect the OCD, I take back the remarks I made earlier. I have aspergers, one of my things is that I get annoyed easy Err, yeah, we are off topic arnt we!
  8. Xbox Live Cam

    Please, dont treat me like im a "noob" to forums, I have been visiting forums for years and know the rules here, Im not flamebaiting at all. Saying "taking the biscuit" wernt meant to offend you, Im just saying your being overly enthusiastic to apple. Almost too much. But thats just my opinion. If apple still made iChat cameras, or they were a bit more affordable and easy to get hold of, I would get one. But they are now past EOL, I cant get one very easy, the price is too much for my budget. Therefore i'll go for a product which is another reliable name, does the same job as Apple's... its simple. Am I harming anyone by using MS products... that reminds me, let me put this new album on my Zune. [sarc]. Joe.
  9. Xbox Live Cam

    I'll admit that I am a Mac Fanboy, I wouldn't think twice to switching back to Windows.. but you take the biscuit with it to be perfectly honest. Why would I spend £150 pound on A webcam with the Apple logo on it, When I could spend £30 pound on a cam which does the same job.... and could spend around 15/20 pound on a decent mic... Yeah, reading some of your posts you are very obnoxious.
  10. Xbox Live Cam

    Think Mark - I think your being a prime example of that "Apple users are snobs" report a few weeks back, maybe not a snob, but a over-the-top child/apple enthusiast in a rather unhealthy way xD There isn't a MS logo on it, there IS a Xbox live logo on it, but i play xbox live as-well... ;p I have a mic so thats fine ;D The Xbox Live cam is quite a good cam, my friend has it and it works fine. Edit - As your such a fan, surely you have more than enough Apple Stickers to put over the much hated Xbox live logo :l
  11. Xbox Live Cam

    Wicked, Nah, im UK, Game is one of 2/3 leading Computer game shops over here. Link - http://www.game.co.uk/
  12. Xbox Live Cam

    So I switched to Mac on Tuesday, and im a avid xbox player, and because im only using a mac mini, I heared that the Xbox Live ext. Cam works "plug+play" with Leopard and most macs, is this true?! If so, Ill run down to the local Game and buy one
  13. Heres mine, Clicky please! I only switched to mac on Tues. You know the wallpaper I have? I have seen a version with neon lights and stickers on it, lotta love to whoever has it and could probs post it.