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  1. Got QE and CI on 8500GT running (10.5.6)

    I'm running an MSI 8500GT 256MB on iAtkos V7, and I ran thru the instructions, and after I fought my mouse (which was running at warp speed), to switch to 1680x1050, it switched properly but everything looks ghosted? Like an old fashioned TV that had the ghosting affect. This is with the VGA connector, the DVI connector with a dvi to vga adapter or straight dvi into my lcd both just gives me a black screen like it's not initializing the monitor. Ideas? Thanks!
  2. [Development]-Broadcom 4311 Fix

    I hate to bump an old thread, and I may be wrong, but i believe Ubuntu gets the C500 Wifi card to work by using NDIS wrapper...AKA it's using the windows driver in a sort of "emulator" to make the card work. If so, anyway to port NDISWrapper to OSX? --Matt
  3. I also have the C500, and this is the ONLY part that doesnt work. (Other then the 10.5.3/10.5.4 updates). --Matt