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  1. ]u get this option on 10.5.1 no drivers needed, works like windows scratch pad!
  2. hey , hi, ive had sucess in installation of leopard via iatkos disk,, every thin was gud runnin ok, i had installed an Nvinject Vedio Driver and other sound drivers, so like after a day or 2, the system suddenly started responding slowly, actually very slow, since then i did a complete reinstallations couple of times, but in vain, the system remained slow. and now after installation of Nvinject of same version i get an Kernel Panic, the mac drive isnt visible in Macdrive 7 in windows. i just get an partition which i cant acess. ( it was working for earlier install). and how to uninstall an Particular Driver like ( nvinject) if we get Kernel Panic?
  3. can some one plz upload the i3945 Driver, cus am not able to download the driver from the iwidarwin website, it says , not found on server its Intel PROSet/Wireless 3945a/b/g OS X 10.5 IO80211Controller. thks!
  4. well, am on a Hp Dv 6516tx wiv Intel high Def audio, the prob is i dont know how to c my Sound card Model or Subsystem ID. ive tried all ur drivers, none work. one ALC262_200 while being patched showed that SPDIF OUT DETECTED , al the others showed NOT DETECTED, but alas no SOUnd from any of them either, I even tried the AZILA Audio package, n no Sound from any ports ( speakers, headphones..etc well, i would realy like dis mac to work, as only wireless and Sound are not working on this system. thks!
  5. hi, i got an HP Dv6516tx it has an Intel 3945 card, but the download link in the webpage http://code.google.com/p/iwidarwin/ says file not found on server. the other drivers download link r working, but the 3945 is not.