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  1. I had this problem and resolved it with a BIOS update. I have a Gigabyte P35 so YMMV.
  2. Thank you for this terrific guide and scripts. I'm amazed how much progress has been made on simplifying installs since 10.5. I now have 10.7.2 up and running with only one install hitch which I will describe later. I have 2 questions. 1) What do I need to do to upgrade the video card in this setup (thinking of Radeon 5670 or 5770)? In 10.5, I used EFI strings. 2) Is there any reason to keep using my RTL8169 ethernet card now that the onboard 8111 seems fully supported? I document my only install issue in the hope it may help a fellow GA-EP35C-DS3R owner: After running the finalize step, boot would consistently kernel panic with an error message "No HPETs available ... CPUs configured incorrectly" coming from AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement. All it took to resolve the issue was to 1) update to the latest F4 BIOS 2) re-enable the onboard LAN 3) boot using the USB boot disk and re-run finalize Probably the BIOS update is what did it. Also in BIOS, I already had HPET enabled and set to 64bit.
  3. Wasn't precise enough in my previous post. On boot you will see the Gigabyte Logo Screen. Quickly hit <TAB> to switch to the post screen and then <Pause> to freeze the boot process. In the upper left hand side you should see your model name followed by the BIOS version. Mine says EP35C-DS3R F2. F2 being the BIOS version.
  4. Check the Gigabyte post screen. No. However XP install cds do not have AHCI drivers. There are many ways documented on this board to overcome this. I personally just disabled AHCI to install XP. Installed the drivers after the fact and then switched AHCI on. Both look valid. In any case be sure you check the MD hash before using the file. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=77069
  5. I've been experiencing network issues with my builtin Realtek 8111b ethernet adaptor. Issues include browsing lag, lan file copy performance and Bonjour not working. I solved the issues by installing a TRENDNT TEG-PCITXR PCI Ethernet card based on tip from a thread named "Retail DVD Guide, 10.5.2, 100% working, PC-EFIv8, EFI strings". It is based on a Realtek 8169 chip which is natively supported by MacOS and it solved all my problems. It costs all of US $17 at Newegg. I highly recommend it you are experiencing and network issues.
  6. If memory serves, this update contains both a new kernel and system.kext. Possibly risky and at best will replace your speedstep kernel. I skipped it.What is this new AppleSMBIOS supposed to do?
  7. I installed the TRENDNT TEG-PCITXR PCI Ethernet card and can report total success. Card was natively supported by MacOS and Bonjour works like a charm. I even got Bonjour working on XP running in a VMWare Fusion environment. The card also solved an annoying slowness in regular web browsing where loading is slow every time you hit a new site.
  8. Just check the post screen when you first boot the machine. It will either display F1 or F2. Hit the pause key to freeze it if it goes by too fast.
  9. Yes they will. However there are probably of lot of F1s still in the retail channel. I bought mine mid Feb. with an F1 BIOS.
  10. LTL, thanks for the great guide. I've reached the point where I would like to get Bonjour/AFP working (for a networked printer) and need a clarification. Your sig lists 2 network items. Built in LAN: Realtek 8111B - OK, Bonjour working, SMB working, AFP working Network: TRENDNT|TEG-PCITXR GIG - working Natively all services Is it possible to get Bonjour working with the onboard 8111b chip? If so how? If the 8169 card is required, should I disable the onboard networking and are any drivers required? Thanks. CPU: Q6600 2.4 | Mobo: Gigabyte GA-EP35C-DS3R | RAM: 2GB (1GBx2) Corsair | Graphics: ASUS 7300GT 256MB | Optical: Samsung SATA DVD burner
  11. You must upgrade to at least the F2 BIOS if you are using any Gigabyte GA-EP35 Rev 2.1 series boards. The original F1 BIOS will cause Memtest86 to reliably fail. Learn from my mistakes!
  12. First I want to thank you for the great guide and installer. Saved me from another lost weekend working on this project! I am using the sleep kernel and works almost perfectly with the S3 ACPI setting, It did not work with the S1 setting. There is only 1 glitch with sleep so far. When I begin sleep I have 2 partitions mounted from my external USB hard drive. I return from sleep I get a error message that I removed my devices unsafely and I should eject them first. MacOS then remounts the 2 partitions automatically anyway. Is this normal MacOS behavior for sleep? Is there a fix for it? I am currently just ejecting the drive manually before sleep and that works fine. Sometimes I forget.