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  1. Ztardust

    Update process from latest EL Capitan

    Hey... how did the upgrade process go? I am assuming it didn't work out since you didn't follow this post up... what kind of problems did you run into?
  2. Ztardust

    Question about updates on Hackintosh

    Most small updates will probably go fine... BUT, nevertheless it is a good idea to always make a backup of your entire system disk before updating, just in case. Then if something goes wrong you always can go back. With a Hackintosh it is always a bit of a gamble to update.
  3. Yes, I know about CCC and SuperDuper, but as far as I can see they only copy one partition at a time, not the entire dual boot disk? Are you able to use CCC to clone a dual boot system, and when restoring able to boot directly without separately installing a bootloader? Thanks for your replies!
  4. Just bought a new PC which I got on friday, and already now(monday), it is working perfectly and dual booting Windows 10 and El Capitan. Since it is working flawlessly, I would really like to know how you guys back up your systems... is there some good way of making backups of the entire internal disk in one go? Including both partitions and boot? Best, Ztardust
  5. Thanks for your reply! I did dual boot OSX and Windows back in 2008, on my old Acer Aspire 5104Wlmi. I remember it was a lot of trouble for me getting it right, but when I finally did, it worked without problems.. But I heard that it was somewhat more problematic now with SSDs..? Have you had problems with it yourself? The PC comes with pre-installed Windows 10, so I would like to resize the Windows partition from 500 gb to only around 100 gb, and use the rest as a Hackintosh partition. I did do something like that in 2008, but I can't remember precisely how I did it. I might add another SSD later, but I just shelled out a lot of money for this PC(the first one in my signature) and a new 4k 28 inch screen, so I'm not going to buy anything more for a while... Great tip! I might try this, once I manage to get the partitions spiit correctly(without deleting my already installed Windows 10). I am thinking 100gb for Windows and 400 gb for OSX. Anyhow, thanks for your advice!
  6. Hey! I have a Macbook Pro dual booting Windows 10 and OSX 10.11.5. It is packed with my programs, plugins, etc, and I have made a full bootable backup of the OSX partition. And I have a new PC with just windows 10 installed. I am wondering if there is an easy way to just take my backup of the OSX partition, and installing a hackintosh bootloader, add a couple of kexts and then clone it to the internal disk of my PC, while making the Windows partition stay intact? Best, Ztardust
  7. Ztardust

    Can anyone upload ATI x1400 kext?

    Try the Ati HD Framebuffer from Dong. That worked for me on my x1300, and I believe it works for the x1400 as well. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=190586 You´ll have to fix the qe+ci by modifying the x1000.kext
  8. Ztardust

    USB3 on Mac?

    I am very interested in getting USB3 on my MacPro... I just saw a USB3 card from Asus: http://nexgadget.com/2009/10/30/asus’-u3...6-0-pci-e-card/ I assume that we can't use this card on a Mac? At least we will be missing some driver I guess..? Anyone here know anything about plans for USB3 support in OSX? - Ztardust
  9. Wow! Dong, I am impressed! After years of running my machine on 1024x768(and trying absolutely everything, and I mean *EVERYTHING*, to get it working at native resolution), I can finally use it in native resolution, 1280x800. I just installed your 10.5 kext, and without any modification or edid or anything it worked "out of the box" on first try. Thank you so much for your work and effort. Ztardust
  10. Ztardust

    Windows 7 support?

    So I´ve installed Snow Leopard, and used bootcamp to install Windows 7 on my new Macbook Pro(5,2)... At first the bootcamp drivers didn´t want to install on windows 7(got error 2229), but after some struggle I managed to get them installed.. Now I still have a problem with the machine getting very warm, so it seems the fans are not being properly controlled in Windows 7. Since I am using the latest version of Snow Leopard from apple software update, I assume that Windows 7 will not be officially supported by bootcamp when Snow Leopard will be released..? Is there any information about whether Apple is working on Windows 7 support for Bootcamp? Ztardust
  11. Ztardust

    (Solved) DVD Player problem in 10.5.6

    Alright, I found the solution... Turns out that this wasn´t osx86 related, but a problem people have had on "real" macs as well(although it seems to be a very rare problem). Solution: in DVD Player select: view-> deinterlace and select "better quality" - Ztardust
  12. Ztardust

    (Solved) DVD Player problem in 10.5.6

    Not quite sure what you mean by "frame buffer video mode". But I have enabled QE & CI: Display: Type: Display Bus: PCIe PCIe Lane Width: x16 VRAM (Total): 128 MB Vendor: ATI (0x1002) Device ID: 0x7149 Revision ID: 0x0000 Displays: Display: Resolution: 1024 x 768 Depth: 32-bit Color Core Image: Hardware Accelerated Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Quartz Extreme: Supported I can not see any reason for this problem. Everything was working perfectly under 10.5.5 I would appreciate any further help/suggestions... - Ztardust
  13. DVD Player is not working properly since I upgraded to 10.5.6. Instead of seeing the movie the player only displays one green colour. Sound is working as before. It was working perfectly under 10.5.5. Any ideas what could be the problem? - Ztardust -
  14. Ztardust

    Logic Pro 8 with an unsopported card?

    I am running Logic 8 on my laptop, with an unsupported graphics card(x1300 mobility). All Logic requires is that QE and CI(Quartz Extreme and Core Image) are working on your card. Only thing I had to do was to enable QE and CI by inserting my graphics card ID in the AtiRadeonx1000.kext... Logic 8 does not work without QE and CI. I don´t know how you enable QE and CI on your card, but I assume there is a solution for that somewhere here on the forum. - Ztardust
  15. Ztardust

    ATI mobility X1300/X1400 -only

    Are you using the internal LCD or are you using an external screen? If you are using an internal screen then this is quite a revolution. As far as I know nobody has been able to get native resolution with those cards(x1300/x1400 mobility) in OSX before on internal screen... So please, let us know what you have done... - Ztardust