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  1. Hi, It's the first time I am attempting this. So go easy on me. My desktop is the following configuration: CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 @ 3.16Ghz MotherBoard: Asus P5Q-PRO HDD: 500GB Western Digital (don't know the model) Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce 9800GT 4 Giga of ram. Ethernet and sound onboard. If this works what guid should I follow? Thanks for all the help.
  2. Forky

    This Week in Mac-related News

    I always heard that bootcamp would be free for leopard buyers and would cost 30$ for people wanting to continue with tiger Just my interpretation of things
  3. Looks to me that Leopard still has lots of bugs to cover. Will it really be out in march?
  4. Forky

    MacFUSE 0.1 Released

    i installed both DMGs and went for some more steps but since i dun use windows on my MBP i can not try it. Can some one tell me what is the procedure for an external drive? and i would also love that ntfs 3g would be used as default
  5. Forky

    MacFUSE 0.1 Released

    Can some one post/link a simple way to get this working?? i installed the MacFuse DMG, do i need to build ntfs-3g package now?? If some one has a DMG that does all thats necessary automaticly ples let me know where to find it
  6. Yeah, like im going to spend 500 $ on a iPhone so just that i can phone, dude dont you think i can get a better deal if i want a phone for just phoning?
  7. What is Apple or Cingular going to do when the phone gets to Europe? There is no such thing as cingular here, and I somehow doubt that Apple will not partner up with more than one service provider in Europe
  8. I am European too. I love to try apps Install remove install again. i see that i won't be able to do that with the phone. But i i am wrong then all right for me.
  9. The reason to why i do not like this is because i bet apple will sell you apps instead os making them avaiable.
  10. Apple store is :thumbsdown_anim: :thumbsup_anim:
  11. I see But still that pic is taken on a angle can some one take a snapshot right infront of the screen? I mean the differeces are only comparable on the white and grey of the profile windows
  12. i havent updated yet, But wouldnt it be better to take a screenshot of before and after profile than rather a pic? cause the angle of the camera sometimes messes a bit. I havent updated yet, need to get to college first (faster downloads)
  13. Forky

    10.4.8 Released

    Just a note to mods, can we separate thins on these kind of topics? Like Hackintosh folk should start a thread of their own, i mean when i look at this thread i wanna know if its safe to update on my MBP, not interested on the billion flips the "hackers" have to do. No offense meant for anyone trying to get around Mac OS protection
  14. Forky

    10.4.8 Released

    Looks like the troubles are beggining
  15. Forky

    Stoplight 1.1 Released

    i'd be happy if it did not need the SIMBL thing.