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  1. Ooooh. Yeah, it's fixed now by disabling icon previews for list mode. I wonder if this would count as a bug, heh. It's extremely annoying. Anyway, thanks a lot for solving this problem. I couldn't figure out if it was a 3rd party app that was screwing with this.
  2. no, i mean it immediately finishes the renaming process. I can't just start typing to rename it. I have to go and manually start the renaming by pressing the enter key.
  3. I have a problem with finder. Whenever I'm in list view mode and I create a new folder, it automatically finishes the renaming process. This happens both when I use the menubar to create the folder and with the keyboard shortcut. This appears to only happen in list mode. Does anyone have any ideas why this happens? I'm running 10.5.4 on my macbook
  4. it seems to work for a while, then it stops working until i restart. i have a feeling an application is taking over the keyboard shortcut, but is there any way to find out which one? ctrl space in firefox opens up a right click menu. is it supposed to be like that? (trying to narrow down what's messing up the shortcut) edit: hmm.. shortcuts for the speed dial extension for firefox (which uses ctrl+1-9) also get disabled. ctrl does work for shortcuts though, since i am able to scroll through firefox tabs using ctrl+tab
  5. SLy CaT

    Can't print from Mac to PC

    you might want to try this: http://www.linuxprinting.org/show_printer....HP-DeskJet_3740 i found a driver for my hp deskjet 722 on that site... and it works for me. though, i had to do something a bit different while setting it up on my mac.
  6. SLy CaT

    Disposable gmail addresses

    but then you'd have to login into the crappy hotmail account XD thanks for the reminder to setup filters and use this method for certain sites. i knew i was supposed to set something up a while ago.. but i had forgotten what it was... <.<;;
  7. try this: smb://username:password@workgroup/servername/sharename i have all my home computers on the same workgroup... so i can't exactly test it =\ and i'm just grabbing this from a tutorial to install a printer via samba XD. apparently it might not work depending on windows security. but thanks for the script kevlar. works great in automater.
  8. SLy CaT

    Uber Icon

    looks good, but it slows down the opening process a tiny bit. oh. and because it's customization for windows, not os x.
  9. i just got my macbook... 2 days ago. ( ) but i just noticed that the capslock button is a bit screwy. the right side of the metal bar thingy's underneath the key isn't connected and i can't seem to connect it back. is there a way i can fix this without sending my macbook back? i already got everything i wanted setup <.<;; hm.. i was wondering.. if i can somehow manage to get some superglue under there... would it void my warranty.. o.O? the issue is minor.. so i was wondering if there was a way to fix this myself. it still bugs me just knowing about it though =\
  10. SLy CaT

    need some help with javascript

    U_U so weird.. i now tried this on 3 different computers, cache cleared, and all the same result.
  11. SLy CaT

    need some help with javascript

    =\ works in safari, opera, IE, but still seems to attempt to load something after executing the script in firefox (stops halfway).. both mac and windows. so... that why i thought somethigns wrong. you were using firefox kday?
  12. <script language="javascript"> <!--- diecutting=2; function calculate(){ if (document.form.diecuttingcheck.checked) {var diecuttingmultiple=1} else {var diecuttingmultiple=0} var total=(diecutting * diecuttingmultiple); document.writeln(total); } --> </script> <form name="form"> <input type="checkbox" name="diecuttingcheck" onClick="calculate();"> </form> for some reason, in firefox, it hangs when its outputting the total. there must be something wrong i'm doing... though, not sure what it is =\ anyone see anything wrong? i'm kind of new to javascript. i hardly used it before. i have more experience with php than javascript U_U;;
  13. SLy CaT

    EB Games?

    trading games to stores aren't a good decision. all the local game stores where i live hardly gives anything for games.. but of course, there arent many local game stores anymore =\. it would be better to trade games with friends never trade anything with eb. complete rip. i think they were offering 10$ for 3 gba games. if you really want to unload old games, best to just put them on ebay and have a minimum bid.
  14. is this possible? i have my primary computer dual boot from os x and windows... so i want to figure out a way to have the client, running windows xp, look for multiple host names.. i prefer to keep the os x and windows names different though.
  15. there a nforce sata patch in this update right? is it buggy at all? i'm afraid of it corrupting data. edit: oh well, i cant seem to be able to keep that working anyway. it just won't work after the second reboot after upgrading.