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  1. Thanks LS8 that was it - now all is fine
  2. Works on GA-EP45-DQ6 perfectly. Also Apple Update via the updater. Thanks tseug
  3. First of all thanks for this tut - works great After several guides, I tried this one and first time success - thank you. MoBO: GA-EP45-DQ6 Proc: Q6600 Gerhold
  4. [TOTALLY VANILLA] Retail Snow Leopard

    Hi all, first - thanks for this impressive tutorial I tried to follow it and was not successful, but never mind - just start debugging now When I followed the steps, all went fine (1_GetDSDT and 2_DSDTpatcher) but in the output I found two errors, which I do not understand. Intel ACPI Component Architecture ASL Optimizing Compiler version 20080926 [Oct 4 2008] Copyright (C) 2000 - 2008 Intel Corporation Supports ACPI Specification Revision 3.0a ./dsdt_fixed.txt 222: Method (\_WAK, 1, NotSerialized) Warning 1080 - ^ Reserved method must return a value (_WAK) ./dsdt_fixed.txt 285: Store (Local0, Local0) Error 4050 - ^ Method local variable is not initialized (Local0) ./dsdt_fixed.txt 290: Store (Local0, Local0) Error 4050 - ^ Method local variable is not initialized (Local0) ./dsdt_fixed.txt 3861: Return (0x01) Warning 1099 - Statement is unreachable ^ ./dsdt_fixed.txt 3994: If (LEqual (Arg2, 0x03)) Warning 1099 - Statement is unreachable ^ ASL Input: ./dsdt_fixed.txt - 5680 lines, 189870 bytes, 2436 keywords AML Output: ./dsdt.aml - 18094 bytes, 636 named objects, 1800 executable opcodes Compilation complete. 2 Errors, 3 Warnings, 0 Remarks, 716 Optimizations Compiling done, if it worked, you have now a patched DSDT in dsdt.aml If the compiling went wrong, you could force to build it with ./DSDT\ Patcher -f (try this DSDT at your own risk) logout [Prozess beendet] Can someone give me some hint about this message? Thanks Gerhold ****************************************** GA-EP45-DQ6 Q6600 8GB RAM 10.5.8
  5. HowTo: Retail DVD booten

    WoW ich bin begeistert, 1. ISO gebrannt 2. Retail installiert 3. Updates gemacht (ohne lästiges aufpassen ) 4. EFIStudio für Graka (GTS8600 512 MB) 5. Voilá Danke an alle die daran beteiligt waren und sind. Ein Riesen Schritt. Gerhold
  6. :me@home heho, can you please give me an idea how you manged it to run the wifi on the nc6320? Up to now I found no way to run this well. Gerhold
  7. Hallo Zusammen, da ich selbst nicht so der Crack bin und eigentlich mit meinem Latein am ende versuch ich es mal hier. Ich hab auf meinem HP NC6320 Laptop die Kalyway 10.5.1 installiert und es hat bis auf LAN und WLAN auf anhieb alles funktioniert. Prima dachte ich und hab dann mit dem 10.5.2 combo update weiter gemacht. Mit dem Ergebnis das alles wunderbar funktioniert, nur der Laptop sein Graphic Signal nur noch über den VGA Out heraus gibt. Graphics Update wurde auch ausgeführt. Hat jemand eine Idee, wie ich das abstellen kann, bzw. von vornherein beim booten den VGA out disablen kann? Daten: HP NC6320 Speicher: 1GByte RAM Prozessor: 1.83 GHz (T5600) -> 1 Processor sowie Virtualization disabled Graphic: Mobile Intel 945 Express Vielen Dank schon mal Gerhold
  8. So problem solved Thank you sleepy2, just changing the firewire card to a NEC based card (InLine: "Firewire IEEE 1394a Karte" about 7€ ) and all inclusive mic is working now fine. Gerhold
  9. Oh, sounds good, so I will try to use the iSight with an additional firewire card maybe it solves the problem and mic is then working as expected. I will give feedback after the try. Gerhold
  10. Hello all, I have exactly the same problem here. My iSight is working on my MacMini as exspected - video and mic, but on my P35k - video is fine, iSicht mic shows in SystemPreferences, but no activity from my mic inside the Sound Preferences. I use the onboard firewire. Has anyone an idea what to do in order to get the iSight mic working? Gerhold