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  1. Run Front Row in your Audi...

    Wow. Now just think what would happen if this came stock.
  2. Stability of OS X

    Depends on what you use to code the software. Personally, i'd go with linux on an x86 box. I wouldn't run osX on an x86 box in a situation like that...
  3. Apple Releases 10.4.5

    Personally, i think its purely coincidental. but cool none the less. just my two cents.
  4. New "true" video ipod

    The 6th gen will be apple's first foray into true video devices, right? it sort of reminds me of pda screens. i have a zire72, and the screen is always getting smudged. and it also isn't that responsive to fingers, which i think is due to the screen design. Personally, i wonder about the effectiveness of the virtural click wheel, and if it will be responsive enough for everyday use.
  5. Mac Mini RAID

    woah, thats pretty amazing. pretty blue lights!
  6. I've got office '04 running just fine. sse3. just a bit slow sometimes though, and fancy schmancy fx in powerpoint at fullscreen sometimes lags.
  7. x86 Xbench Results Thread

    got a 70 and some spare change. rig is in the sig. NOTE: 1 core is disabled. for some reason, osX doesn't like amd x2 procs. booted with cpus=1
  8. That would be amazing. But they would most likely cost an arm and a leg when they finally do come out.
  9. Apple's 1984 Commercial

    I thought that one was one of their better ones. Along with their think different commercial. that one was the best.
  10. Any X2 users experience stutter like syndroms?

    Well, after totally frying my osX setup, i did a reinstall and did some experimenting. at install, i passed in platform=x86pc then at boot, i passed in platform=X86PC idlehalt=0 fn=3 cpus=1 and everythings smooth as butter. writing this in osx now. now theres most likely something i can take out of this boot string, and im going to put it in the startup file. thanks for all the help!
  11. Any X2 users experience stutter like syndroms?

    gaaah. so much for the smooth part. don't really know what happened to it. the whole system was running fine yesterday, and now its all stuttery again after i booted today, no matter what flags i put in. i haven't tried any other flags except for the platform switch, so i'll mess around with it more later.
  12. Any X2 users experience stutter like syndroms?

    Hey all, i was having stuttering problems also on my x2 3800+. tried a bunch of things to fix it, and eventually did a reinstall. what worked for me was passing in platform=x86pc at the darwin f8 prompt before booting the dvd. the installer was quite a bit snappier, and after install, everything was as smooth as butter. you still have to pass in platform at each boot though. i don't know if this is just a random occourance, or if by passing platform=x86pc at boot actually did anything. all i know is that it works great now. hope that helps at all.
  13. 10.4.3 problems / performance stinks

    I'm running an AMD Athlon64X2 3800+ no problems. Have you tried deleting AppleTPMACPI.kext? deleting this really sped things up for me. http://www.osx86.theplaceforitall.com/howto/
  14. ati x300 PCIe, QE and CI?

    I'm downloading 10.4.3 right now, should be finished in a few days........ I really want one of the new core duo imacs, but i don't have enough $$ for one yet. maybe this summer. i'll check and see if the dual core problem fixes itself in the upgrade. Is it better to do a clean install of 10.4.3, or is it possible to do an upgrade? if I can upgrade, can someone point me in the right direction?
  15. I am currently running 10.4.1 with an ati radeon x300PCIe gfx card. VESA2.0 AMD athlon64x2 3800+ 1GB dual channel ram ECS NForce4-A939 mobo. under 10.4.1, I cannot get QE or CI to work on my card. I see in the HCL that this card supports both of these. Is it just a problem with 10.4.1? Should I upgrade to 10.4.3? Also, if i boot the os with no boot flags, it will see both cores of my processor. but everything is very buggy, random crashes, etc. When booting with platform=x86pc, everything runs fine, but it can only use 1 core. Any ideas? would 10.4.3 fix that too? Thanks in advance.