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  1. Hey Guys I desperately need help, and before you advice me to search web, I should say in my defense that last 3 days the only things I did were multiple re-installation of OS X with different sets of kext selections and tweaking with commands before system boot(found on web) - nothing worked for me so far. Now about my problem - I have a following setup: --- Tecra A10 Notebook 4GB DDR2 of RAM P8700 C2D Processor 2,53Ghz Nvidia Quadro NVS 150M OS X 10.8.2 Mountain Lion v. 12С54; Darvin/x86 boot v5.0.132 - Chameleon v2. 2svn r2140 (Installed from iATKOS image) --- Problem is that I can't figure out why my graphic card doesn't want to work properly. Installation is successful, however when system boots, it either panics with a message to restart the pc or black screen is shown, however sound is playing, which indicates that system is not in panic. In case if I enter nv_disable=1 key before the system starts, system successfully launches, with sound support of keyboard and mouse drivers. And it would seem that what else I should be worried about - why am I complaining? Well, it's lags in browser and other graphic applications - that's my concern. I am unable to scroll normally in any browser(be it Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome), and if I click 'Notifications' button on the system bar, right menu with lags and red lines is shown up for 1,5 seconds, after which it disappears. I did some research, and found out that it's VESA mode I am using, when I enter key nv_disable=1 and it causes all of lagging. I can't use system normally with such problem, and I desperately need some OS X version that will work without such problems or an advice how to fix this problem for ML 10.8.2 - my job depends on this. If anyone can help me with some advice - please do. I also should say that the reason I chose the iATKOS image is for it's Chameleon boot - I am not fond of Clover, and it's too complicated with it's tweaking. If you need any screenshots from console during the system boot, I will gladly provide them.