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  1. 1. I use OSXRestart.kext but it would be nice if there was a DSDT patch for that. 2. What's a dongle?? 3. d00d's DSDT patches all ports for hot plug. I think the real MacPro uses this feature on only some of the ports. 4. Yeah even fakesmcv2.5 gives those errors. 5. d00d's DSDT patch identifies ICH10 properly....I still don't think its quite right since we have to use OrangeFix.kext. But along side that issue is we still need to get JMicron identified properly and/or playing nice with IOAHCIFamily.kext. I think someone is working on a kext that is 64bit, maybe that will help. As of right now, I can get the JMicron controller to identify properly but it causes KP after waking from sleep. And one more for your list. 6. Realtek1000.kext support for wake on lan. I think this is in the works as well. I've seen numerous people discuss the lack of this feature.
  2. No longer getting any kernel panics... I only get a kernel panic after sleep if I use any of the JMicron ports. Which sucks because I only usually use one of the JMicron ports for my DVD drive. Any way we can fix this? It appears to be caused by IOAHCIFamily.kext Maybe this post http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=186558 can shed some light on the situation. I also cannot boot 64bit kernel with turbo mode enabled, kernel panics when reading p-states. Any idea how to get wake on lan to work? Is that simply an ethernet driver issue?
  3. I am using the PCEFI 10.5 and C2RC3 from digital_dreamer's boot script 4.2c. I'm assuming that is the same stuff...maybe I should download them elsewhere. I'm no longer getting any KP except after sleeping. Did anyone ever figure out how to get Wake for Ethernet network access to enable?
  4. Thanks, I dont know why I didn't try that. I was copy pasting from your post. I ended up using your DSDT and edited the layout-id for audio. I use 885 for 3 outs 2 in. 0x75, 0x03, 0x00, 0x00 I am getting KP shortly after resuming sleep. Could this be due to power management settings? I'm certain I have everything disabled. Except mode S3-STR and Soft-off. I also got a kernel panic from Safari and Window Server while using iTunes saying that core 4 was no longer responding. For OC settings I used 185 for BCLK and x8 for SPD to get 1480mhz but still used the XMP profile for my memory @ 1600mhz. Everything else is auto. Seems to work fine. Maybe I can tweak that later. Also, do you think its possible to get the JMicron ports identified properly using a DSDT patch?
  5. When I plug my HDMI cable in...entire system locks up. Are you using Graphics Enabled in com.apple.boot.plist? I was going to try disabling that and going back to using an EFI string. How did you replace this kext? Manually?
  6. It might be preferred to leave the hotplug feature for only certain ports. I have it enabled and it shows every drive but the boot disk as an external drive...able to eject any of them. d00d, can you please check your p-state information in your original post. I can not seem to get it compiled, I get an error on line 38 or 39. And maybe give more details on your overclock settings...I was attempting to use this with memory rated for 1600mhz but could not get bios to post. I might need to set static voltage for memory. I managed to get everything else working perfectly Thank you!....although I do get a kernel message on boot that LPC did not load properly and I am using stock cpu bios settings so my geekbench scores are very low at the moment. The only time it does not give an error about LPC is when enabling C-states, but if those are enabled I can not awake from sleep. Also, sleep works perfectly but obviously only when C1E and C3, C6, C7 modes are disabled. This makes sense now...I read late last night that C states are idle states. I think some people in other threads discussing using them were assuming they were just like p-states...but not defined by the DSDT. I'm assuming there is no need for them because C0 is the only one necessary.
  7. For some reason my JMicron ata controller is showing up as unknown. In system profiler it shows my DVD drive but it is listed as an unknown ATA controller. Installed: AHCIPortInjector.kext JMicronATA.kext LegacyJMB36xSATA.kext (grey labeled) To /Extra I'm trying to use my Windows 7 hard drive on the first port and the DVD drive on the 2nd JMicron ports. Looks like the first port is dead. However, now the drive automounts in OS X as orange drives (Yeah for some weird reason my Windows 7 install has a System Reserved & a Windows partition) Anyway to fix this? Or just make them not automount would work. I'd rather know both solutions. I know they aren't as good as the Intel ones....but it should work, right? Yeah it works, but JMicron ports still suck! Oh well the drive works in VMWare and Windows 7 doesn't seem to care. I finally got sleep working using stock CPU speeds today and all the necessary DSDT patches.....after waking up from one particular sleep I unexpectedly experienced a Maxtor DiamondMax22 1TB drive fail...corrupted firmware...wasn't showing up in bios...stuck in BSY cycle...and then fixed it myself with no help from Seagate whatsoever (I'm still sending the drive back!) I decided it might be a good idea to use 4 drives for a RAID 10 (Double mirror Striped) So, my Intel SATA ports are all full up now. Also I switched over from my graphics EFI string to use a NVIDIA.ROM file. I think someone else in this thread had the same problem...but I also have it now showing up as a 9800GTK+ instead of GTX+. I wonder if this is just some problem with Chameleon. I hear there are some new NVIDIA drivers on the way though, crossing my fingers for HDMI audio output!
  8. ALC889A is actually ALC885. So you can use DSDT and a LegacyHDA.kext that just contains the pathmapID 885 and pinconfigs. Any of the included LegacyHDA.kext from the guide will work if your DSDT is patched. Use the DSDT I've attached it has audio patched for ALC885 and all the other fixes needed for your mobo. DSDT.aml.885.zip
  9. you missed a step... you have to buildcaches from within snow leopard. so either mount that hard drive in an existing snow leopard install and run the script to buildcaches or you can boot with -s and then read the instructions in the op.
  10. My audio is working fine now using patched DSDT with layout-id 885 and the pin config empty. Then I just use LegacyHDA.kext 3out2in HDA for ALC885. I guess in VLC I can select SPDIF out (encoded output) and it changes to "Encoded Digital Audio" in Audio MIDI Setup....it looks right, but I am not getting any sound. I tried a different pinconfig which gave me 1 analog output and 1 SPDIF out, SPDIF out was labeled as internal but unfortunately it gave the same results so I switched back to the original pinconfig from LegacyHDA.kext
  11. network prefs are in /L/P/SystemConfiguration I cannot get that VoodooHDA working...it gives me an error when clicking on the preference pane and in Sound I have no devices. I'm wondering now if I can simply change my DSDT pin config so that it will use the internal SPDIF out specifically. Thanks for the Realtek1000SL.kext...this seems to be the best driver so far.
  12. Any ideas on how to configure audio to use the internal spdif out on the EX58-UD5 motherboard? Seems the only digital audio I can get working is for the external spdif in/out. In System Profiler it shows SPDIF in/out as combo connections. In Audio MIDI setup I can select "Encode Digital Audio" for Digital SPDIF Out but then it will not allow me to select it as the default output until I disable "Encode Digital Audio". Is this just a matter of editing the Path or Layout of info.plist in a LegacyHDA.kext? Right now I am using a patch DSDT.aml for HDEF, the stock AppleHDA.kext and an ALC885 LegacyHDA.kext for 3 out 2 in digital. Everything else works fine but I'm specifically trying to use the onboard SPDIF out that connects to a HDMI video card.
  13. Haha. This is how I got mine working after resetting the CMOS because it appeared they had died all together. Has anyone successfully got networking to work with just using an EFI device-id string or a DSDT patch? I haven't tried it, but that seems like the best option.
  14. Ok I finally got everything working in 64bit. However the ethernet is still only recognizing one of my ports. What I did to get this working was take the Realtek1000.kext from Mike'sKexts that was posted a few pages back and placed it inside the Plugins folder of IONetworkFamily.kext. That kext was then placed in S/L/E. For the audio I used the DSDT patch that was mentioned a few pages back changing AZAL to HDEF and then using the AC889a.kext along with HDAenabler.kext. Everything appears to be ok but seem to be missing some ports. I'm still wondering now about using the onboard spdif ports so that HDMI audio out can work. Also it appears SL is not recognizing the processor correctly. I'm overclocked to 3.67GHz but AboutMac info says it is 3.73GHz. Oh and in case anyone was wondering, iSight cameras work in SL. I could never get it to work in Leopard, never heard of anyone getting it to work properly. Works perfectly in SL. I've attached the networking kext I used IONetworkingFamily.kext.zip Edit: I spoke too soon... It works until it decides its not...after a reboot. Then CMOS must be reset to get the ethernet ports back. Then it wont work afterwards. Awesome! Well I guess I will wait until there is a proper way to make this work in 64bit. For now I'm running 32bit because I don't have VMware Fusion 2.0.6 (supposedly this closed beta works with 64bit kernel).
  15. Hey guys! I got SL installed. I ended up using a SL install on my laptop to update boot caches. I would get a KP before I could do it in single user mode. Boots fine in 64 bit. LAN shows up but only self assigned and Audio is not working. Hopefully DD has a easy fix for this... I've read through some of the DSDT patching info and nearly went crosseyed. I'm sure I could figure it out, but its pretty involved to say the least.