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  1. This is a very good article about APFS. http://dtrace.org/blogs/ahl/2016/06/19/apfs-part1. An actual review with first hand accounts from Apple developers who created apfs. For daily use apfs is just fine, but if you are truly worried about your data then use more appropriate storage solutions. First step is to grab a good and reliable SSD or HDD with strong and bug free ECC firmware (which is what Apple is claiming with their devices and firmware). I would assume that the APFS itself must be ready for daily use, since it is already shipped with iOS , tvOS 10.2, and watchOS 3.2, which represent millions of devices that people is using daily.
  2. Eh, He is just saying that Apple will implement ECC in their storage devices, but that's exactly what any other third party solid state device does. ECC is quite standard. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solid-state_drive#Controller. So standard that most vendors don't even mention it. https://www.kingston.com/us/ssd/data-protection Apple is simply saying that their storage devices are so good that they won't even bother with implementing data checksum with their apfs. BTW, the command "cp" does not create a clone of the file, (Hint: Finder does). So, that's not a good example of what he is trying to convey.
  3. Where did you get that you need some Apple firmware to use APFS? From where exactly did get the information that you need some Apple firmware to use APFS for "security, stability and error correction"? Because I am starting to see this claim in some comments but there's no a source to confirm that. For instance, Apple is not really relying on the file system for data integrity, they are simply relying on the built in ECC features of their data storage devices. Meaning that you don't need their firmware for that, you just need a good storage device with high quality ECC. Which is true for any device regardless of the file system anyway.
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    APFS still is much better than HFS+. There's nothing disturbing or novel about his finding, those features have been under review since Apple announced the new FS last year. Unlike ZFS, APFS just lacks data checksum, end of the story, with or without Apple's firmware. All you have to do is to get a good and reliable data storage device, just like Apple does. That's it.
  5. That's not a real issue for the overwhelming majority of users since you need to recreate quite exceptional conditions to trigger the bug.