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  1. Try making the CD first in the boot order in the BIOS. Helped my installation process.
  2. I have a problem, after sleeping, my audio sounds all crackly/static-y... Anyone have a fix?
  3. Snow Leopard kernel by qoopz/nawcom! [Intel/AMD]

    You can't use a custom kernel (what this is) and use the standard Apple update.
  4. I got restart working, with OSXRestart.kext. I got sleep working, with the DSDT.aml that wast posted a page or two ago. Now, can anyone get shutdown to work? Then I'd be one happy camper!
  5. OSXRestart.kext

    M1530, Nvidia 8600M GT, Vanilla Install Sleep, Restart, Shutdown did not work. Restart now works. Thanks!
  6. You can use Empire EFI, which is based off Boot 132. It also has an easy installer to install chameleon, etc. And it works with Snow Leopard. http://prasys.co.cc/tag/empire-efi/
  7. Dell Mini 10v

    Alright, sweet. Thanks! EDIT: Can I use a Dell Mini 9 guide to install? Or will I have to wing it.
  8. I know that the Dell Mini 9 is great for hackintoshing, but the keyboard is too small for my liking. I know that the Dell Mini 10 can't be hackintosh'd because it has the GMA 500 and not the GMA 950. I was looking at Dell's website and the Dell Mini 10v has a GMA 950 (like the Dell Mini 9). So can you make a Dell Mini 10v run leopard, or is there something else stopping it?
  9. Whenever I question why Mac user's are {censored}s, I have articles like this to remind me why. It's also useful in reminding me why I hate apple so damn much.
  10. I have a few questions, I haven't had Mac installed on my M1530 in a long time. Does Mute work? Does Shutdown/Restart/Sleep work? Does Intel 4965AGN work? Is audio less buggy? Does normal scrolling work? (not that silly 2 finger garbage Crapple came up with)
  11. My end goal is to have a computer that can install retail Leopard and run updates, etc. without a problem. Motherboard - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...pk=GA-EP45-UD3P Processor - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16819115037 Memory - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820231144 Video Card - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814127406 (Power Supply/Case/Harddrive/Disc Drive Will work no matter what I get, no?) So, would that be feasible with those parts? Are there cheaper alternatives that would work as well?
  12. Why Windows 7 will be the best Windows ever

    I just installed it on another partition. Long story short, Snow Leopard has to be miles ahead of Leopard if they want to compete.
  13. Is Apple "Worth It"?

    I would never, ever, EVER give Apple a single cent for anything (I might consider a PC compatible OS X, but would probably just pirate it. ).
  14. Mac users' opinion on Hackintoshs

    I dunno about other people, but getting it to work was half the fun. Provided, I did get it to work.
  15. Sigmatel HD Audio 92xx

    Drag the 9200 .txt file into the ApplHDAPatcher file. There is a link in the AppleHDAPatcher thread to the txt files.