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  1. @stefano thanks for the sound part of your dsdt file. I just received my 330 pro but i'm having a hard time getting it to actually boot up my 10.6 installation hard disk. Could you perhaps explain to me what files you have in your /extra folder in order to get the installer to actually boot? I'm not new to the osx86 thing (have two hackintoshes) but this little machine really gives me a hard time!
  2. GA-G31M-S2L

    Thanks for the kext and the dsdt file! I'll test it as soon as i get home, but since i have the exact same board this shouldn't be a problem. Does this dsdt also fix the ethernet part? It used to work in 10.5.2 but anywhere after some apple updates it stopped working. If this doesn't fix ethernet, what will ?
  3. -edit- you can delete this message, excuse me.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to get either two of my ethernet cards to work in Snow Leopard but i don't seem to be able to succeed using the kexts and methods that are provided around the net. My 8111 isn't actually working in leopard (where I type this post from) but it used to work some updates ago and suddently stopped working. Now I read some things about patching a dsdt to get ethernet chips working. Is there any guide for doing this? regards, Tom
  5. This also counts for me and I have a ATI mobility 2400 in my MSI ex610 Notebook (so I can't upgrade :-()... Is there nothing we can do to overcome this problem?
  6. ATI Radeon HD (2x000) Device ID's Wanted!

    Any updates on this one? Does somebody kmow why it seems impossible for some ati users to use the drivers without getting a messed up screen?
  7. ATI Radeon HD (2x000) Device ID's Wanted!

    I have an ATI Mobility 2400 devid: 94c9 vendorid: 1002 No matter what i do, i get a messed up screen booting OSX without the -x option.