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  1. Broadcom 440x Ethernet under Snow Leopard

    Compiling the sources from 10.4.11 under Snow Leopard in Xcode restored it to "working condition," for me...by which I mean it was equivalent with Leopard. It still craps out after a short amount of time (and will no longer get an IP) and I have found no way to restore it without rebooting.
  2. SigmaTel 9205 HD Audio in Snow Leopard

    Found this elsewhere: http://www.infinitemac.com/f57/guide-how-t...da-to-sl-t3981/ ...but haven't managed to get it to work for Sigmatel 9205 yet. I can get the kext to load, but something along the lines of post #41 happens and I get no inputs/outputs. Also found this but haven't tried it yet: http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?...entry1993
  3. Acer 5672WLMI x1600 Version

    Same here. Laughing, because I've just posted similar messages in 3 other forums. ....Audio should work, though (search for Azalia) the big problem is LAN/Wireless. I even tried swapping out my wireless card for a Dell Truemobile 1390 and it still didn't work
  4. No Ethernet on Acer 5672 Dual Core OS86 Install

    It appears that no networking will work on these laptops -- which is a pain, because the same cards seem to work for others. Right now I'm using: Broadcom 169d (LAN) Broadcom 4311 (Wireless - Dell Truemobile 1390) both of which are reported to work on this forum, but neither do. Can anyone think of a reason these wouldn't be working for us? I know in Windows XP I had to install a chipset driver (?...)
  5. Acer Aspire 5670

    perete3, any luck with the Dell 1390? I've been trying to get it to work for a week and all I get is kernel panics.
  6. Help Needed w/ sound on Acer Aspire 5672 and OS X

    There should be no problems with the audio (FOLLOW THE AZALIA INSTRUCTIONS), however I have not been able to get any LAN or Wireless Card (Dell 1390) to work.
  7. Help with Acer 5672

    I get the same error! Any ideas why the kext would load but then fail? I think it might be something with Networking in general: I just installed a Dell Truemobile 1390 which throws a kernel panic (even though every report on this forum says it should work). It's annoying because it's so close to working and yet it's still useless without internet.
  8. Broadcom Wireless

    I just bought a Dell Truemobile 1390 (It has a Broadcom chip) and I get a kernel panic when I boot...weird. So I tried to reinstall...Jas DVD 10.4.6+PPF1 gives me the same kernel panic. Any ideas? I haven't even heard of this before.
  9. Question about Callisto drivers and ATI cards

    No. Omni's Callisto drivers provide a Framebuffer (resolution changing), but not QE, CI, or OpenGL. You can however link Apple's QE/etc. libraries to the Callisto Framebuffer and then you get everything. Slow games are probably a slow processor...I don't really know. Honestly, somebody tell Omni to release the source if he's not going to develop them....
  10. IOPCIFamily.kext

    I accidentally messed up IOPCIFamily.kext and now mac won't boot. Could somebody bother emailing it to me? Please timpalpant@netzero.net
  11. Help with Acer 5672

    I've been working with this laptop for the past week, and have had no luck with either the ethernet, wireless, or video. The boris method will give you perfect video on an external monitor (via vga), but there is no solution (that I can find) for the lcd. Wireless is also impossible (most people just replace it with another, compatible one). LAN should work, but I haven't been able to get it to. Camera doesn't work and I wouldn't expect it ever to. But if you want Mac OS X that bad, you can sacrifice the camera. Let me know if anyone gets ethernet (Broadcom 169d) or Video (X1600 Mobility) to work!
  12. Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Everyone with Centrino's got one.
  13. Hey, I'm trying to get some kind of dual-screen support going with Mac, but I'm having limited success. I'm using 10.4.6 and I installed AGPGart and the Macvidia drivers, but it seems like Mac will only detect one card or the other (PCI or AGP) I have one NVIDIA FX5500 in the PCI slot which gets detected automatically by default and used, and another FX5200 in the AGP slot which normally doesn't get detected at all unless I pull out the PCI card, and then it works perfectly. Does anyone know how to get both cards detected? (and then I think I can get them working...)
  14. I finally got 10.4.5 installed AND booting, which is awesome, but now I actually want to be able to use it. Can anybody help me set up a second monitor? Here are my specs: PCI - ATI RageXL 8mb video card - loaded at boot and set up AGP - ATI Radeon 9250 256mb video card - not loaded or set up, but shows up in system profiler So basically I need to find the config files and such to set up a second display and then hopefully span them. This would make Mac usable. (I am using JaS's Ati.kext driver because I thought that might help, but no, and I very stupidly deleted all the other ATI kexts like in the instructions, so I will need copies of them if that is the way to get dual-screens working). Second, I have no optical drives. They don't show up at all, even in system profiler. I have a Cendyne CD burner and a LightOn DVD Burner. Are there kext's or something I need? Help would be massively appreciated. I would love to use mac as my primary os, but these two issues have to be solved for that to happen.
  15. Can't Boot Straight to 10.4.4 Partition

    Wait! If you're using GRUB to boot your OSes (which probably means you have linux on there), the fdisk method will fry grub and you will be forced to rescue and run grub-install, which is generally a pain and I try to avoid. DON'T USE FDISK. THAT'S NOT THE RIGHT WAY TO GO. THAT'S JUST SETTING THE PARTITION ACTIVE. Plus ... I think I might have found a way to fix it. 0. Check what is in /usr/standalone/i386/ on your 10.4.4(5) partition (for me it was simply boot.efi) 1. If this is the case, copy all files from the folder /usr/standalone/i386/ on 10.4.3 to /usr/standalone/i386/ on 10.4.4(5). 2. Boot into 10.4.3 in single-user mode and run this command: sudo bless -device /dev/diskXsY -startupfile /usr/standalone/i386/boot 3. Boot into 10.4.3 regular and run these: (yes I know the first one is the same and it probably doesn't matter, that's just what I did) sudo bless -device /dev/diskXsY -startupfile /usr/standalone/i386/boot sudo bless -folder /Volumes/macosx-10.4.4 -bootBlockFile /usr/standalone/i386/boot1h -setBoot (thanks to http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=9553&hl=) This should install the correct, 10.4.3 Darwin bootloader to the 10.4.4(5) partition. The first couple of times I tried this I got a blinking underscore. Maybe I just got lucky. Maybe copying those files first fixes it. Maybe running the command in single-user mode fixed it. I really don't know. I'm just glad it works now. This fixes it for me~ the collection of a week of too much time hacking, reinstalling, cursing, and finally getting lucky. I hope it helps others. These bless commands are the right way to go -- just keep fooling with them. P.S. Anybody know how to get dual-screens working in Mac? I'm gonna start another thread on it.