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  1. Sapphire x1950 Pro AGP 512 , XxX 10.4.11 QE/CI works! Hi, just wanted to share my happiness, finally, after a week of fighting QE/CI started to work, let me repeat the main principles: 1) Never install drivers coming with the DVD, they are always specific for some card and may not work with yours and break the kexts you have 2) Install the stuff in the following order, on the clean system without any graphic drivers: a) ATIRadeonX1000 kexts + ATINDRV must work first, you will see QE/CI Supported/Supported, after that you may try to install and use Natit kext - you will be able to change resolution c) AGPGart 2.1 - will probably need it too but not sure yet, will try today/tomorrow and see the difference If something does not work in a) you cannot do or c) until you fix it, reinstall the system, and use another driver! The case is, I tried Bronya's drivers for Prionace for 10.4.11 several times and my comp never started normally, but the same drivers installed on fresh system worked! So the fresh install way seems to be longer at the beginning, since every install takes like 45 mins time, but in the end you will see, that trying everything on fresh install is much more effective for finding your config. Good luck! And big thanks to all the driver guys especially Bronya! You know if you mail me I can help you with translation 8) Your stuff is really hard to read 8) I am from Moscow, RU