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  1. nVidia GTX 580m Alienware X17r

    I booted the installer using TonyMacX86's ###### for 10.7. Installing and running has not been a problem. Once install, I'm forcing my resolution, my only issue is the performance of the graphic card related to the fact that it isn't recognized correctly. You shouldn't have any issues installing osx, at least I didn't with the m17x. Let me know how your install goes and if you have any better luck with the video.
  2. nVidia GTX 580m Alienware X17r

    I've seen a couple post asking about using an Alienware x17r3 laptop and couple about the GTX 580m. My question is this, has anyone got a GTX 580m working. I have my display working, at a native 1920x1080 resolution, but my refresh rates suck and I don't have any transparency effects working. Additionally none of the external graphics ports are working. I've tried multiple updates/patches for the GTX 580 all install and in most cases I loose video to my LCD. As well as the external ports continue to not work. Other information, I can boot with out verbose as long as no external (USB/VGA/HDMI) connections are connected during the boot. Power/Ethernet do not effect the boot. USB does work, but usually causes panics when booting. When booting in verbose about 50% time works when external devices are connected. Basically I boot normal and just plug in my Wacom after...USB 3.0 are a no go with patches, no matter what, plugging into those ports causes an immediate system freeze, no panic message or "crash" MY GOAL HERE: I have two simple goals, get the GTX580m to have better refresh rates with all Mac's transparency effects up and running. Second, get the at least one (preferably the VGA port) external video ports working. My thanks for anyone who can help. Lammy My basics are: OS X 10.7.3 Boot ROM: ######.tonymacx85.com Boot Loader: Chameleon v2.1svn r1924 System MacBookPro8,3 i7-286QM 2.5GHz (2.49) 16GB RAM DDR3 @ 1600 I'm including my screens of my System Information as it applies to video and utilizing Chameleon Wizard to display my boot.plist as well as a screen of the actual plist file settings.