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  1. AKlion

    Change CPU Name in About this Mac

    It seems to work ...
  2. AKlion

    Mojave 10.14.3 supplemental Update

    Please tell me how you did it. Here is my build. https://applelife.ru/threads/rog-maximus-xi-hero-um-v2-i9-9900k.2943806/
  3. AKlion

    Problem amd r9 270x 10.13.4

    I tried to connect HDMI, but it does not work. I tried to do what you wrote, and got a white screen on the monitor that's connected to the port of the dispenser. The monitor connected to DVI does not work at all. If di still ideas? config.plist.zip
  4. AKlion

    Problem amd r9 270x 10.13.4

    Yes, I tried Lilu.kext and Whatevergreen.kext but then only 1 montor is started. The second monitor does not work at all. The monitor on the DVI port does not work at all.
  5. AKlion

    Problem amd r9 270x 10.13.4

    The system 10.13.4. Video card ASUS amd r9 270x. 2 monitors are connected. 1 monitor on the display port. 1 monitor to DVI port. When the system starts, both monitors are started. But the monitor connected to the DVI port remains black. This monitor is displayed on the system, it can be seen if it is connected remotely to the computer, but it is black. If I lie down to sleep in the car, then I wake up, both monitors force to work normally. I ask advice in which place to look for the problem.
  6. I intended to use the case Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced. The computer in this case is now at my desk. This case allows you to place a cooler with a height of 171 mm. If I put Noctua NH-D15, I have a 6 mm margin in height. I intended to use Thermalright Le GRAND Macho RT. Although I have not made my final choice yet. I still have time to compare all the pros and cons of different coolers. I'm probably going to collect the system in the summer, now I'm studying the participants in order to understand what will be the best choice for me. I try to understand how powerful a computer I need for work, 90% of the time it practically works without load, but I eat moments when I really need its maximum speed.
  7. But I'm not going to overclock the processor. If it does not overclock it will be only 140 watts. If someone was building a machine on an i9-7920X processor, you could measure which power consumes the processor at 100% load.
  8. Why do you think that without water can not do, because the processor that I want to put only 10 watts hotter than the one that I have. And my processor with the coolerNever warmed hotter than 60 degrees. Does 10 watts mean so much? I do not want to mess with the water. I really do not like it. Forgive me for bad English, I live in Russia.
  9. Good day. A little about myself, my first computer APPLE LС2. This led to the fact that I almost do not know Windows I want to build a machine on the motherboard ASUS PRIME X299-A And the processor i9-7920X. But I do not want to do water cooling. I now have a processor Core i7-970 heat pack 130 watts. And it is never hotter than 60 degrees. At the processor i9-7900X heat pack 140 watts. I think that I can make it that it was not hotter than 60 degrees. Tell or say pliz, I am mistaken, or it is possible or probable?
  10. AKlion

    How to be if I do not know English well

    I wanted to ask how I can now pass this test, it is not active ;-(
  11. I'm from Russia, I do not know English well, I do not have time to pass the test. There are very easy questions, if it was in Russian then I would quickly respond. Now Tes is not active. What to do?