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  1. theStevo 4.5 Patch Released

    i've solved my problem i didn't read your last message "thiathias" thanks for your solution i will just only say Thanks !!! to every body here just a great job
  2. theStevo 4.5 Patch Released

    Thanks a lots for your help everything is working perfectly but just one thing at the boot he said that he couldn't use via rhine . . i must fix the permissions i try with the disk utility but nothing it's happening it just only repair the permissions on other Kext can someone help me?
  3. theStevo 4.5 Patch Released

    Thanks i gonna redownload it it will be long i've only 512 ko/sec but in two month i will upgrade to 25/mo sec
  4. theStevo 4.5 Patch Released

    Hi thestevo the md5 of my iso Kalyway_10.5.2_DVD_Intel_Amd.iso is 54b2cee2c04ec3f8b9d14e19cd1d598e and of your patch the md5 is 842bf47ea7ece48c2ae778053b07dc96 and it's okay but what's the original md5 of the kalyway leopard 10.5.2 iso file .there are 3 md5 in your txt and the one of kalyway 10.5.2 don't match with the mine should i redownload kalyway?
  5. theStevo 4.5 Patch Released

    Thanks for information i have already check the MD5 of your patch and it's OK my iso is the same i've burned and installed on my pc ,i will check once again i didnt't check the MD5 of the patched iso image file i will check it Thanks for info!
  6. theStevo 4.5 Patch Released

    Hi TheStevo i'm new and i've got a little problem with the patching of the image i've downloaded your patch from TPB ,i've downloaded Kalyway10.5.2 . When i open ppf-o-matic i choose your patch thestevo4.5.ppf ,i choose my kalyway 10.5.2 image (.iso) .i launch the patch it's take abour four minutes then it's says thats the patching was sucsessfully done .So i burn the patched image (iso) and it doesn't works i tried to boot on it but nothing is happenning .and i also tried to mount the image but he says that it's damaged If someone can help me (Sorry my english is not so good i'm french)