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  1. not dead, you must copy&paste the link manually, because server is blocking connections incoming from other sites.
  2. With testdisk, i've managed to repair boot sector for this partition and now i have my data back (i didn't knew, that boot sector must be correct in order to access any data on NTFS volume). Then i've used chkdsk to recreate security descriptors for files and now everything seems ok. thanks a lot for your help!
  3. ntfsundelete unfortunately works only on ntfs-formatted volume. i must add, that this partition was extended partition. is there any hope for my data?
  4. now: * fdisk shows this partition as NTFS * parted shows this partition as HFS+ * mount can't mount it with -t ntfs option and with no switches mount mounts it as hfs
  5. I've accidentally formatted my NTFS partition with important data by Disk Utility in Leopard install dvd. Somebody know how to recover my data? Any help will be really appreciated. Thanks in advance. PS. Sorry for my poor english.
  6. it gives the same effect
  7. hey! please answer to my question, it is very important... my post is here: CLICK! thanks for any help
  8. Hello! When I install Kalyway DVD, after installing, when computer restarts, it stops after POST screen (that one with kind of frame and listing of PCI stuff in PC, connected HDD's, memory, processor) and shows blinking cursor on the left bottom. Then my HDD is starting to work (LED is flashing at very high speed), but Leopard is not loading. I left my computer at this stage for 5h, but nothing happened, hdd was still working and Leopard was not loading. My PC specs: cpu: Intel Pentium D805 mobo: Gigabyte GA-8I945P-Pro memory: 2x512mb dual channel @ 533 MHz hdd: 250GB samsung SATA & 80GB Western Digital ATA dvd: Samsung ATA other stuff: ps2 keyboard & mouse sound: soundblaster x-fi platinum & bulit-in realtek ALC882 asus wlan PCI card broadcom bluetooth usb dongle I've tried many combinations: installing on GUID & MBR (always correct bootloader), vanilla kernel or not, sse3 or sse2 system, on samsung hdd (sata) and the western digital one (ata) and nothing successfull. Sorry for my English, i know it isn't very good