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  1. wiewiorcwaniak

    Sierra/High Sierra supported wifi cards?

    Ok, but osxlatitude have now problem with server :/
  2. Hi, I am gonna to buy wifi card, since my Dell M660 does not have supported card. If there is list of supported cards please give link to that. Thanks
  3. wiewiorcwaniak

    HELP - I need quick answer!

    I have problem with my first hdd probably with mbr - Windows from first hard disk do not boot I am not sure if it is caused by OSX or two magnets from my broken e-cig (so another problem this day) that I've placed 20 cm from my laptop ;-) but fail boot is on main ssds, hdd where OSX is installed works fine I have huge question and I wanna quit help, I've installed Sierra about week ago and I do not know/have time to add proper settings to make Windows boot with clover - clover is on hdd not ssd... but when I tried to boot windows from there I only have white square when I wanna boot Windows on SSD. For but at this time I used only booting drives from bios because I do not know much how to setup it in proper way.s So please help me... because I do have lot of programs that I've using with Windows and I do not have option to boot this god damn thing... Any help will be very helpful... I do not have much time this day to find tuts, but if you have good tut please give me a link (I do not wanna search in this situation because I do not wanna screw my lats os that actually is operable. Also I have only lan connection and also not a long time to use it now, but I will read your posts on tablet. So much thanks for any kind of help Edit: Another question how to trust computer to use it with AppStore properly via clover configurator, u use clover.plist posted by another user i wathed Video tut on youtube but probably i’ve done it wrong way on smbios setting i use same type of mac that is showed on the original config but OS X refused to boot. I am happy that i have pendrive with installer and original files so now Sierra booted Ok. So what should i do or that way so what i’ve done wrong?
  4. wiewiorcwaniak

    Problem with creating usb drive for installation El Capitan

    Thanks i’ll try Edit: is it also for OS X? On the page it states that it is app for creating only linux systems?
  5. wiewiorcwaniak

    Dell Precision M6600 - asking for help

    Any new sugestions?
  6. wiewiorcwaniak

    Dell Precision M6600 - asking for help

    Still the same...
  7. wiewiorcwaniak

    Dell Precision M6600 - asking for help

    Timeout after ApplePS2Controller ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin 'pci8086,104 'UIHIDInterface, IOBluetoothSerialClientStreamSycn
  8. wiewiorcwaniak

    Dell Precision M6600 - asking for help

    yes but with NullCPUPowerManagement.kext moved to /Other
  9. wiewiorcwaniak

    Dell Precision M6600 - asking for help

    I have 472,86 gb free on HDD, I did not have Clover installed on HDD because i do not know how to install it properly, when i installed it before os not booted, hung on apple logo with not progress on progress bar
  10. wiewiorcwaniak

    Dell Precision M6600 - asking for help

    Are you talking about EFI partition on HDD?
  11. wiewiorcwaniak

    Dell Precision M6600 - asking for help

    What then? install kexts from other folder and from backup folder? and what else?
  12. wiewiorcwaniak

    Dell Precision M6600 - asking for help

    Thanks I'll try
  13. wiewiorcwaniak

    Dell Precision M6600 - asking for help

    After reading of forums there is fix for this: 1. Easier but not always work for everyone is try to make image of whole pendrive and reflash it to another. 2. Put whole files from /extensions folder to kext/other 3. Reflash Clover to EFI partition (done under Windows in BDU_v2.1.2016.020b -still same problem) I will try reflash pendrive to another all Sandisk's and we see. Also searhed about nVidia discrete card if it used only Sandy Bridge for calculations (this is more sure, but I am not exactly sure if QM67 chip somehow interact with nVidia) I will be left from tonight to sundy - i must visit my ill grandma - and i will tablet with me and we could exchange arguments to each other. Maby try examine file from little older version of M6600 (that I send to this thread) how he make it done to run nVidia 3000m discrete.
  14. wiewiorcwaniak

    Dell Precision M6600 - asking for help

    I think that sth is wrong on config.plist, Now i must enable optimus in order to get hd graphics in clover menu, before it was i think rendered by nVidia. But installer does not boot and stops booting at the same value as represented in my photos that i've uploaded.