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  1. [Ayuda] Probook 640 g2 Sierra problemas on WIFI

    You have two options: BCM94352HMB/Azurewave AW-CE123H (802.11a/b/g/n/ac, 2x2 dual band + BT 4.0) and BCM943225HMB/Azurewave AW-NB290H (802.11b/g/n, 2x2 single band + BT 3.0). If you don't need 802.11ac, the second one will serve you well, there are plenty of it in eBay and it's cheap.
  2. For those booting to a black screen.. just just HDMI cable in than disconnect... work for me.
  3. I hope its not dead... or maybe he's developing something better!!
  4. ACPI

    ACPI is not patched correctly. Based on ACPI/origin, I should have in ACPI/patched: DSDT.aml SSDT.aml (ssdtPRgen.sh) SSDT-0.aml SSDT-1.aml SSDT-2.aml SSDT-3.aml And I need to specify SSDT load order in config.plist (SortedOrder). Can somebody please help me!!!!! All Files needed are attached Also when booting.. I have to plug and unplug my hdmi cable for my laptop screen to work..... not a clue on that one. Archive 3.zip
  5. G5 to ATX Front I/O Cables

    Are you still making the cables?
  6. Mavericks AppleHDA HDMI Audio

    Ya so im am idiot..... turn on in SOUND...... lol wow
  7. Mavericks AppleHDA HDMI Audio

    Device connected MacBook Pro Kyle.zip
  8. Mavericks AppleHDA HDMI Audio

    Can you PLEASE HELP!! Im at my Wits end trying to get my HDMI working.. I have been trying everything.. from every tutorial I can find.. I have full 1080p picture but no sound....... I'm sending you my Full PATCHED folder as i run Multi DSDT and SSDTs... also IOReg and Capri.kext I have edited. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.dropbox.com/s/xeha6gl8f4tulot/For%20Toleda.zip?dl=0
  9. AppleHDA for ALC270 (10.9 GM + ML 10.8)

    How do I check which version I need.... Mine only states in the System profiler Intel HD Audio ... AUDIO ID: 0