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  1. Update: Self powered devices (WD USB3 disks, specifically) work fine, but I'm having a problem with the only bus-powered disk that I have: 4/26/13 10:10:20.000 PM kernel[0]: USBF: 34330.941 The IOUSBFamily did not receive enough extra current for the SuperSpeed device (My Book 1130) at 0x1ca00000, asked for 400mA but got 0 mA Any hints or things to try?
  2. Tried this on a Gigabyte Z68-UDH3, with an additional PCIe card as well. Most things seem to work (Yay!), with the exception of sleep (Booo...). Thanks very much for all your effort on this! Sleep works on this system without the driver in place; anything I can provide that would help debug the sleep issue? Brent
  3. Red Herring

    Mac OS 10.5.5 Out!

    A Kalyway-based 10.5.4 vanilla P5KC motherboard w/ nVidia... no problems after downloading the combo, doing the update using the well-known rm AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext script. No need on my system to much around with dsmos or anything... it was not replaced. My video card did go back to no QE/CI again, so I have to go fix that, but other than that, no problems.
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    Hard Disk Access crashes

    Bingo. With 4GB, a part of that 4GB is wrapped above the 32b boundary, which causes the storage drive to blow it's brains out. I bet if you watch your Activity Monitor, memory usage, it will happen very repeatedly when you get to about 3-3.3GB of RAM used. Solution: Go into your BIOS. Disable the option to map memory to 4GB. Depends on motherboard, but might be termed "DRAM recovery", "DRAM Remap", or such. On my Asus P5KC, it's "Memory Remap Feature". Set this to disabled. Instant stability. When you boot, it should show ~3.3GB of DRAM. Yes, you just lost 700MB of DRAM.
  5. No problems on Kalyway 10.5.2, vanilla. (Luckily, since I didn't see this before I held my breath and hit "Install".) Kalyway w/10.5.2combo, vanilla kernel Intel Quad Asus P5K-C (P35 chipset) NVidia 6600