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  1. Ciao, innanzi tutto quali sono le specifiche del tuo lap? Lo chiedo perchè dovrebbe essere abbastanza simile al mio (vedi firma) In quel caso ti consiglio di installare una versione piu' recente di iAtkos. Io al primìncipio ho messo su Lion e poi però un po per forza di cose ho dovuto mettere su ML (iAtkos ML) e devo dire che è molto piu stabile di lion ed anche si installa con molti meno problemi. Ho una guida che forse ti può servire anche se è limitata a Lion e la dovrei aggiornare. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/273125-guide-samsung-rf511-s02-sandybridge-with-lion-updated/ Altrimenti ti consiglio questa su un altro forum. http://www.tonymacx86.com/mountain-lion-laptop-support/70168-guide-install-os-x-mountain-lion-samsung-rf4xx-5xx-7xx-notebooks.html Comunque ti consiglio caldamente di fare una DSDT per risolvere problemi di sleep, luminosita' dello schermo, etc.
  2. Hallo, check this out: http://www.tonymacx86.com/mountain-lion-desktop-support/61207-apps-crashing-after-update-mountain-lion.html I did it and worked, all apps working, just mail is not. Keep on giving me this message: YOU CAN'T USE THIS VERSION OF MAIL 6.1 (1498/1499) WITH THIS VERSION OF OSX 10.8.2 (BUILD 12C60). Any clues?
  3. Sorry for late reply The keyboard layout is almost fine, except for the numpad that can be used with the Fn key pressed.. I've the Italian Pro layout and the \ key is there..
  4. Aiuto [Samsung RF711 s03].

    potrebbe essere l'Smbios che manca, nella maggioranza dei casi che ho sentito in giro il sistema non riconosce la grafica. Devi riuscire ad installare l'Smbios del MacBookPro 8,1 o 8,2. Lo trovi su multi_beast o sul web, ma per installarlo devi far partire il sistema in qualche modo con un disco di avvio o usb. e poi riparare i permessi...
  5. good for you! sorry for the delay.. Let me know your progress
  6. Smbios MacBookPro 8.1 and dsdt.aml posted..
  7. Aiuto [Samsung RF711 s03].

    @acciaio ma dalle schermate che hai postato senti l'audio del sistema? tipo la musica di prima installazione, o se muovi il volume?
  8. @mencargo your problem is with graphics. Have to load the Macbookpro smbios 8.1 as described on the guide (Update 2). You need a startup disk. GF100Hal loads by default from the system when it detects a compatible nvidia card. But isn't working.. @petruz2 I'll post my dsdt.aml asap my resolution is 1366x768 15" you can find smbios 8.1 in multi_beast but I'll send you one.. anyway when you'll startup the system keep me informed on the trackpad..plz
  9. ok, listen; from the screenshot u posted it appears is not an ACPI issue. It seems all ok, very similar to mine. On the first startup, immediately after install, when the screen stops, are u able to hear the welcome song or system sounds? try to push volume buttons up or down: it seems like system is loaded but no video? If so, it's a Smbios issue. You have to install MacBookpro smbios 8,1 or 8,2. There's a page somewhere where you can look at actual macbook models and see what's your lap like. I guess u have a 17" screen? Anyway with champlist you can customize smbios at your like. i hope it's so, but this reminds me again you'll have to start up with a disk or usb to install smbios.. Hope it works. Got a question for you. What ps2 kext did you installed? It seems to load ok voodoops2 and find an alps touchpad? Is it yours a elan smartpad like mine at all? (look for it in windows)
  10. ok, let's think.. First of all linux live may not work due to a permissions issue. You may have to change permissions to access osx partition but then you wan't be able to access it again as a startup disk. you better check this out before doing things.. Anyway it's weird because L2 should have no issues with ACPI, it should work oob. I can point to a couple of options that could work. In ######'s forum they stress to remove any RAM exceeding 4 gigs before install; if this is your case then give it a try. It's weird it doesn't start up with -x flag. Give it some more try, sometimes it starts at the 3d or 4th time... try -f flag, or cpus=1 and busratio=20. It is really a question of startin up the system once, and from there apply the ACPI solution. So you should have a backup disk or you can try to install from usb. There are plenty of guides out there to do so. Once you start up, just install the kexts from Lion_install_volume and you should be ok Remember that you'll probably never have a scrolling trackpad, and some other stuff.. Anyway good luck
  11. try the controllers from this guide. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=273125&hl=&fromsearch=1 They'll work just as a mouse, better then nothing I suppose..
  12. Aiuto [Samsung RF711 s03].

  13. Quick question (sorry if is noob)

    don't know.. just try it, no harm can be done. If u boot with -v flag you should see NVDAGF100Hal.kext and also NVDAResman.kext loading if the card is detected ok. Anyway, intel card should work with or w/o graphicsenabler, so if it hangs, just shut down and switch the bios back. Good luck
  14. Quick question (sorry if is noob)

    well u're really lucky to have the bios switch.. In this case I think there's a method somewhere to make nvidia gt555 work..... try here: http://www.tonymacx86.com/viewtopic.php?f=170&t=38044
  15. Samsung RF-511-S02IT

    La scheda nvidia per ora e' fuori gioco a meno che tu non abbia nel bios l'opzione di scelta, cosa che dubito assai. Viene vista e anche vengono caricati i kexts ma non riceve alimentazione, queste sono le ultime a mia conoscenza. http://www.tonymacx86.com/viewtopic.php?f=170&t=38044