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  1. tadone- thanks so much, post #5 and the boot0.gpt worked perfectly. I just put the boot0.gpt file on my C:\ and pointed an option in boot.ini to it. so if anyone else is running kalyway leo 1.5.2 on one sata drive and win xp on another, it seems this boot0.gpt method works: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry817922 thanks everyone for all your help.
  2. thanks cyber and tadone. I will try those out. paradox: I don't think F8 would help in my situation, as far as I know that's a windows boot loader command and since I have the OSX drive set as primary in the bios , it never makes it to the win bootloader, only straight to darwin. Am I missing something though, will it work that way?
  3. tadone- yeah, apparently Darwin bootloader will not work if you have 2 separate drives so I guess it would have to be chain0? what is chameleon? how did you get it to work before you installed chameleon? I tried the chain0 method before without success. thanks
  4. I have OSX kalyway 10.5.2 on one disk and XP32PRO on another disk (not partitions, separate physical disks.). I have searched everywhere and can't find a practical guide to dual booting with this configuration. I don't care if I use windows bootloader or darwin, I just want to be able to dual boot. right now, I have to go into BIOS and set either physical disk as primary boot drive to switch OS's, it's a pain. any tips or links on the subject would be of great help. thanks
  5. Dan- the setup was actually dead simple....the only snag was making the video card work which involved adding the netkas ATI HD series kext. problem is I forgot how I did it, someone on IRC was leading me through it and I lost the session log. something to do with kexthelper. so yeah, shoudn't be super hard to reinstall, just time consuming.
  6. thanks you for all your help dan! I will try netkas forum./Dan-last question: what if I just imaged the OSX install, repartitioned that drive to MBR then restored using the image I made, is this possible?
  7. It's NTFS....I have PC_EFI already on the drive and my graphics card works perfect (dual monitor DVI) and I am also using the vanilla kernel. knowing all that, could you recommend the best way to go about this? what if I simply created another small partition, installed vista, then just used it's bootloader from now on to get to XP and OSX?
  8. it's GUID and yes, chain0 is sitting at the root of drive E: which is the windows xp32 HDD. is having GUID going be a problem? I have imaged the OSX install with superduper. I could reformat MBR and copy that image over with restore, would that help?
  9. ok, got a bit further now... you were right dan druff, thanks. I set the xp32 disk as the first in the bios boot order and I am hitting the windows boot loader and I get a choice of OSX to boot to. unfortuneately, when I select it, I get this error: Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: <Windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe. Please re-install a copy of the above file. Can ntldr load OSX? am I just referencing the OSX install incorrectly in my boot.ini? I have E:\CHAIN0="Mac OS X" (E: is where my XP install resides._) should I maybe be referencing it the windows way? i.e. multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\chain0="OSX" or something? thanks -
  10. These are sata drives and so have no jumper settings. I have an asus maximus and in the bios there is only the RAID system showing as a choice, not individual drives. is there a way to set the XP as active or something? what about the order on the SATA ports they are plugged in to? thanks
  11. thanks macgirl...I have gone through those topics. problem is, even after copying chain0 and modifying the boot.ini, when I power up with both the OSX hd connected and the xp32 drive connected, darwin still goes right to loading osx and I never get to see the windows boot loader. any tips on how to do this? I added e:\chain0 = "OSX" to my boot.ini on the XP32 drive and copied chain0 to that location When I make it to the darwin loader, if I choose to see boot options it shows "foreign OS" in the list on the XP drive, but if I select it it says "non-system disk". If I reboot and unplug the OSX disk though, I boot into XP fine, so that seems wrong. any help would be appreciated. thanks -
  12. I have a disk with kalyway leopard and another separate, physical disk with XP on it. Right now, with both disks plugged in Darwin goes straight to OSX, if I unplug the OSX disk, windows does it's thing. How do I get darwin to recognize the XP disk and allow for an option to boot to it? If this is not possible, should I be using chain0 method? I just wanted to check before I went through with chain0 in case it was as easy as adding an entry to boot.plist or something. thanks
  13. I have a Kalyway installation running great right now and want to get a hardware RAID controller card to host 4 disks in RAID0. Is there any reason the Areca ARC-1210 SATA RAID card (PCI Express x8) wouldn't work on the kalyway install? they supply drivers for the mac pro so I am assuming these should work. thanks for any advice. Specs: Intel QX9650 Asus Maximus Mobo
  14. any other cards that are known to be compatible? I ask because the 8600 is rather expensive and since I won't be doing any gaming I'd rather get something cheap. I have the 1650 right now with no luck so am looking to replace. thanks