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  1. The Great Driver Hunt

    did the great driver hunt just end with bootcamp? there are still drivers missing (like that of the isight, tilt sensor, and ir remote sensor). does anybody have any information on those?
  2. Hi, I was just curious if anybody has had any luck with (or if it is even possible to get) other operating systems up and running on intel macs. os x works, linux works, now what about all of the other PC OS's. they shouldn't require porting, but rather a boot loader. I'm most interested in things like the BSD's, BeOS, SkyOS, irix, solaris, etc. any ideas if this is feasable?
  3. nobody has any ideas about how to use this in vmware?
  4. I'm currently attempting to install 10.4.5 via a pre-patched maxxus dvd i got via torrent inside of vmware on my IBM Thinkpad t40p which uses a 1.6ghz bannias processor. every time i attempt to boot the cd image, i get an error message that says: when i follow the link to the information article, it says to add paevm=true to the virtual machine file to work arround the issue. I make the change and it gives me the same error message. i attempted to move the paevm variable definition to various lines in the vmx file but i can't seem to make it work. FYI, i'm using freebsd as my "installed os" selection for the creation of the virtual machine. is another choice going to yield me some better results? are there any other options for me? thanks in advance, Cpgeek
  5. I was under the impression that the basis of this project was in getting os x running on white box pc's, why is it that there hasn't been any news posts about the possibilities of porting 10.4.4 stable to intel machines? is this possible? why has there been such little talk about it? --cpgeek