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  1. I may be able to offer a little advice, but also i am acustomed to PC's but had a similar issue as you. My suggestions would be to install without selecting any graphics drivers at installation you can always add the appropriate kext later. If that still does not work, at bootup type cpus=1 when you reach startup options. I hope this will help because it helped me but i was running leopard, i dont know if it would make a diffrence but just give it a try.
  2. Hi Im new to the forums I installed Mac OSX on my PC with Kalyway 10.5 but I installed an Update and It Scrwed my installation. I also tried dual booting with Vista to no Avail so I bought a Maxtor One Touch 4 Mini (80Gb) and Tried installing OSX but Installation froze and Failed Ill try again but let me know if you find anything out this is a USB external Hard Drive I have the Latest drivers for Vista. ========================================================= ========================================================= System Specs: CPU: E6600 DUAL CORE 2.4GHz MOBO: Intel DG31PR classic series Card: Nvidia 8800GTS EVGA WesternDigital: WD5XXXXX (?)