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  1. Any help needed to try drivers on 4870 X2?

    Just a quick note, I read on another forum, that the 4870x2 has a special internal version of crossfire, which enables the 2nd half of the card as necessary. I had a question about where to find the drivers, since all the rapidshare links are dead. Can anyone post them?
  2. I have the same model and it's driving me NUTS. What install method did you use, because all I've tried has just not worked. I'm currently running Ububtu 8.04 (Herron). Any advice would be appreciated.

    I bring tidings of good news!!!!! (whatever the heck they are). I have leopard running completely natively in VMware. However, to boot, it needs a bootloader on ISO. So I thought, hows about I try this on my board without VMware using the leopard install disc. And whadda y'know it worked!!. I restored the 10.5.6 image to a partition on a usb hard disk, booted from the bootloader cd and hey presto, it booted into setup. I haven't tried installing yet, but when I do, I'll yet you all know.

    I think it's a bit of a lost cause, anyone tried PMing?

    I have this same board, and I think it's great. Only problem so far is that my RAM won't run at 1066 which is a pain, but any suggestions would be welcomed. Anywho, I have OS X 10.5.6 running in VMware and am keen to transfer the install to my DFI board. So any tips would be greatly appreciated. Good luck and many thanks
  6. Hi, I've been doing some reading around and have found that the Asus P5Q Deluxe isn't so easy to coax os x onto. I noticed there's a BIOS mod going around but I'd rather keep to asus' BIOS just in case everything goes wrong. Has anyone got any suggestions, or should I just stick with VMWare? Cheers
  7. @everyone: I've fixed my bootloader problem in case anyone was confused, I have no idea why it didn't work
  8. @ mysticus: I have a second computer by me now if you wanna com on google talk
  9. Cool, i thought you're from south america, maybe you are. not bothered. cya l8r
  10. no worries. I chose mbr yes. Today thurs 3/4/08 is your last chance to talk to me for about 10 days because I'm not gonna have access to internet. so i'm available on google talk like I said from 8pm gmt which I think is about 1pm where you are, I'm not sure. Thanks for all your help
  11. Tried that one, no luck, the strange thing is that it works fine after running the kalyway package and rebooting without running the gfx package. Although, one possible reason for nvinject screwing up is that my graphics cards are connected with the sli bridge (see below). @mysticus Muchas gracias para todas tus esfuerzas.
  12. @mysticus: I've had a problem with the updaters. After installing nvinject, my kernel panics every boot. The kalyway installer doesn't cause the problem (i installed it by iteself to try and find the problem). I also tried reinstalling iatkos r3 with nvinject with the correct memory, and the kernel panics, I still can't put boot flags in at boot, because it's using the cd as a bootloader. Any words of wisdom?
  13. @Mysticus: I'm on google talk now. I don't yet have a second pc by me, but one can be arranged fairly quickly
  14. I invited you to google talk if you didn't pick that up, I'm usually busy during the day but from 8ish onwards in the evening, I can be on google talk. How's the guide coming btw. Oh, i tried running iatkos off a sata disk and i unplugged my pata one and it didn't recognize it at all. The dvd wouldn't boot off it, so i guess it's sticking with pata for the mo.